I've prepared eggplant many ways - fried, sautéed, air fried - but this Baked Eggplant with Fried Capers is the best! It's spicy, salty, and a little sweet. You're going to love it!
Smoked Pumpkin-Butternut Squash Soup
This Pumpkin-Butternut soup will warm you up on a chilly evening! It has all of the Fall flavors you crave and it could not be easier or tastier!
Teriyaki Eggplant with Macadamia Nuts
A quick and easy stir fry using Japanese eggplants (or whichever variety you may be growing this summer), sweet onion, and macadamia nuts. Makes a great side dish or serve over rice for a satisfying vegetarian dinner!
Glass Noodles with Edamame
Glass noodles are super versatile and so quick to prepare (no boiling required)! This recipe for Glass Noodles with Edamame makes a light, healthy, vegetarian meal.
Good For You Carrot Cake
You'll never believe that this Carrot Cake is vegan and gluten-free! It's that tasty! Perfectly moist and topped with an amazing "cream cheese" frosting.
Smoked Herb Stuffed Tomatoes
These Smoked Herb Stuffed Tomatoes make a delightful appetizer and are bursting with the flavor of fresh herbs. I smoked them to add extra flavor but they taste great baked in the oven as well!
"Twisted" Chocolate Pudding
This "Twisted Chocolate Pudding" takes only 5 minutes to make, consists of just 4 ingredients, tastes crazy good, and is vegan!
Portobello Mushroom Sliders
You will not miss the meat in these vegan Portobello Mushroom Sliders! Sliced mushrooms slow roasted in a smoky-sweet sauce and topped with creamy, dairy-free, coleslaw.
Spicy Red Chili - Szechuan Style Eggplant & Shiitake Mushrooms
Who needs take out when you can make this Szechuan Style Eggplant & Shiitake Mushrooms at home? Can be as spicy or mild as you'd like depending on the amount of chilies you add.
Date & Cocoa Truffles
These healthy, vegan, Date & Cocoa Truffles get a bit of a kick from cayenne pepper and are downright delicious!
Creamy Carrot-Cashew Mac & "Cheese"
Rich and creamy mac & cheese, minus the cheese! This Creamy Carrot-Miso Mac & "Cheese" is a healthy, vegan take on a classic and it's crazy good!
Broccoli Jalapeño Soup with Naan Bread
Nutritional yeast and cashews give this Broccoli Jalapeño Soup a creamy, "cheesy" flavor while keeping it completely dairy-free! Whip it up with a side of homemade naan and you've got yourself a delicious, healthy, meal!
Black Pepper Tofu with Zucchini
This quick and easy Black Pepper Tofu with Zucchini makes a satisfying lunch or dinner and will change the way you think about tofu! I used to think it was rubbery garbage until I learned how to cook it properly!
Instant Pot Spicy Peanut Sweet Potato Soup
OMG... This Spicy Peanut Sweet Potato soup made in the Instant Pot is The Best Soup Ever! There is no doubt you will love this recipe... and it's super easy to make!
African Lentils with Chapati Flat Bread
Whip up some traditional East African Cuisine for the family tonight! Try this simple and flavorful lentil recipe served with a side of chapati, a quick cooking flat bread.
Easy to Make Asparagus Soup
Asparagus soup to warm your soul. Making soup is simple and easy and it has tremendous health benefits too. You'll love this asparagus soup and so will your family!
Dairy Free Cream of Mushrooms Soup
Cream of mushroom soup with out any dairy? You will absolutely love this homemade soup, it's beyond better than what you can buy at the store. Super easy to make.