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Dads That Cook features everyday dad and host Jason Glover… he’s on a quest to learn from other dads who make great meals for their families. Let’s get cooking!

From Scratch Tacos with Chef Joe Gatto

Chef Joe makes everything from scratch, he forges his own knifes and even makes charcoal from scratch too! Here he makes his delicious From Scratch Tacos... from grinding the meat to making the tortillas! Nothing beats fresh homemade tacos! Just ask his son Benjamin...

Traditional Meal in Rwanda Africa with Chef Moise

Chef Moise shows us the traditional dishes they make here in Rwanda. This African Beef Stew, Creamed Vegetables, and Potatoes with Peanut Sauce are a few of the traditional Rwandan dishes you'll find if traveling to this beautiful country. Give these recipes a try!

21 Day Dry Aged Porterhouse Steak – Sous Vide with Rodney Loo

Chef Rodney cooks up the perfect sous vide steak with compound butter served with honey-ginger glazed sous vide carrots, a peppery arugula salad, and a sweet and juicy berry crumble! Melts in your MOUTH!

Beer Roasted Duck, Yorkshire Pudding, Israeli Salad, Tomato Soup and Mochi Cake with Michael Chang

Michael cooks up an incredible meal of Roasted Duck, Yorkshire Pudding, Israeli Salad, Tomato Soup and the best Mochi Cake Ever!!! This meal will definitely impress your family and friends and it's super easy to make..

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Homemade From Scratch Tacos – Chef Joe Gatto

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Prep Time10 mins
Cook Time10 mins
By Jason GloverHomemade From Scratch Tacos are so amazingly good and easy to make. From grinding your meat to making your own fresh tortillas... they are simple and tasty!
African Lentils with Chapati Flat Bread

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Prep Time10 mins
Cook Time30 mins
By Jason GloverWhip up some traditional East African Cuisine for the family tonight! Try this simple and flavorful lentil recipe served with a side of chapati, a quick cooking flat bread.
Asian Style Chicken Stir Fry

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Prep Time10 mins
Cook Time15 mins
By Jason GloverEveryone loves chicken stir fry so why not make it at home rather than buying take out since it's so darn easy to make! Use what you have in your fridge!

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