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Dads That Cook features everyday dad and host Jason Glover… he’s on a quest to learn from other dads who make great meals for their families. Let’s get cooking!

Grilled Ribeye and Ginger Steamed Ehu with Chef Tylun Pang

Chef Tylun Pang creates the most incredible Hawaiian BBQ! Juicy delicious Ribeye grilled to perfection and a ginger steamed Ehu. So Tasty!

Hawaiian Fried “Mochiko” Chicken with Kyle Kawakami

Chef Kyle is the Ultimate Food Truck King in Maui.. His Hawaiian Fried Chicken is so popular his customers wrap around the block to get it!

Smoked Bourbon Bacon Wrapped Bacon with Jason Ganahl

The MAN and Dad Chef Jason Ganahl is making us the craziest of goodness with his Smoked Bourbon Bacon Wrapped Bacon... His BBQ secrets you will want to know!

Smoked Beef Ribs with John Sandbach

Dad & Chef John Sandbach works his smoking magic with Dinosaur Beef Ribs! Unbelievably tasty and moist... His pineapple coleslaw pairs perfectly with them!

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Grilled Tomahawk Ribeye Steak

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Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time12 mins
By Jason GloverThis recipe from Chef Tylun Pang will give you the perfect grilled ribeye every time! Tender, juicy, and coated in a dry rub that adds amazing flavor!
Ginger Steamed Snapper

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Prep Time10 mins
Cook Time20 mins
By Jason GloverThis ginger steamed ehu is tender, flaky, and bursting with flavor. So simple to prepare! Can't get your hands on any Hawaiian red snapper? Try it with grouper, halibut, or sea bass!
“Hawaiian Style” Mochiko Fried Chicken

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Prep Time10 mins
Cook Time15 mins
By Jason GloverMochiko Chicken is a Hawaiian favorite! Bite sized chicken pieces that have been marinated and fried to perfection. Crunchy, salty, and slightly sweet - this stuff is addictive!

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