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BBQ Beast Kit
Michael Madison
Best knives ever

These knives are very sharp and very well crafted! Theses are the only knives I use now! All my other knives are obsolete !

BBQ Beast Kit
Rick Shepherd
Awesome Knives

Finally got a chance to use my knives. Very comfortable and sharp. Great looking set. Smooth cutting. Instant thermometer also works great.

Meat cutter

Meat cutter Well when I get it we’ll see

The Instant Read Digital Thermometer

It's ABSOLUTELY BADASS!!!!! It does everything it says!!!! I'm VERY happy with it and I'll definitely be spreading the word 😁 Thank you for such a KICK-ASS product 💯💯💯💯

BBQ Beast Kit
Robert Larson

Only tried the cleaver so far. And I have no complaints. Worked flawlessly.

BBQ Beast Kit
Derek Everill
Best cooking knives

Great purchase!

BBQ Beast Kit
The Prepper Man
Amazing set

This Dads That Cook Knife set is amazing. They're full tang, hand forged and they're freaking sharp. Their quality is remarkable, even the sheathing is very high quality. They slice right through meat like it's butter. When I say they're sharp this is no Walmart quality, this is amazing stuff right here.

Ultimate Knife Bundle
Joseph Esposito
Love the product

Beautiful made nice balance easy on the hands cutting comfort. Must buy!

6" Boning Knife
Kindra Roy
Always a win!

We have purchased products many times because we love these knives so much! We love to give them as gifts! The boning knife was our latest buy and my husband absolutely loves it!

That’s soooo great to hear Kindra! Stoked that your husband loves them…Even more stoked you gave them as gifts! Thank you for your support… Cheers Jason

BBQ Beast Kit
james merriman

Love them. Best knives I have ever used

Awesomesauce man! Glad you dig them... Cheers, Jason

BBQ Beast Kit
Ed Hahm
Beautiful Knives

Got this knife set as a gift for Father's day and I really love it. These knives have great weight to them and great balance. One of my favorites is the cleaver because it's such a heavy duty knife and it makes your job so much easier when you use it.

BBQ Beast Kit
Steven R Cook

I haven’t used These two sets that I purchased as they are gifts..
Will advise when they are used..

BBQ Beast Kit
Tim Altizer
BBQ Beast Kit

These are by far the best knives I've ever owned. They slice through meats and vegetables like warm butter. These are very high quality and have a fantastic weight to them.

Love to hear that Tim! Stoked you got them... Cheers, Jason

6" Boning Knife
Dennis Somers
Awesome knife, and now I have as three

Sharpest and most durable knife set I have. Love them.

Sweeeeet! Nothing like a sharp knife to make you happy... Cheers, Jason

BBQ Beast Kit
Jonathan Johnson
Dad’s over the world rejoice

The first slice into the lovingly prepared tri-tip was smooth precise and sturdy. The meat had no resistance to the knife’s cutting prowess. The handle fit well inside my chisled, calloused hands. Game recognized game and a union was forged, clad in the fires of battle, joined like He-Man to his sword.

Love the description Jonathan... He-Man! LOL... thanks for the support! Cheers, Jason

6" Boning Knife
Ron Williams

The quality of these knives are top notch!

Glad you love them Ron... Thanks for the support! Happy chopping... Cheers, Jason

Sons that Cook

Gave my son that Loves to Cook a gift 🎁!!! He Loves it!!!👍😎🇺🇸🔪

That's awesome Vance... Everyone needs a dad like you! Cheers, Jason

BBQ Beast Kit
Jonathan Jones
High Quality, Super Sharp

These knives are high quality, super sharp. If you got dull knives in your drawers throw them out, get yourself these knives. You won't regret it.

You da man Jonathan! Cheers, Jason

BBQ Beast Kit
Jake Messier
It's amazing, get the whole set!

This set is amazing. We got this set 2 months ago and I have not sharpened these things yet. That's a testament to how great these things are.

Stoked you are liking them Jake! Keep on chopping my friend... Cheers, Jason

Digital thermometer

My husband simply loves it...

That's awesome Susan... I use mine all the time too! No more burnt or dry anything! LOL... Cheers, Jason

Great knives

These are very well made and sharp

Glad you are liking them Billy! Keep on chopping... Cheers, Jason

7.5″ Chef Knife
Larry Pederson
Just what I needed!!

It does the job of three other knives making it perfect for camping!; I travel light cary only what I need I own a Solo Campfire for cooking I live in the southwest and cary my own sticks! The knife is all I carry with me for preparing dinner usually Stew

I love stew!!! So stoked you love the Chef Knife... Cheers, Jason

BBQ Beast Kit
Venda Wood
My husbands favorite utensils to cook with

My husband loves these knifes he wants you cutting board next

Vanda...Every husband needs an awesome wife like you to get them the tools they need to cook amazing meals for the family! Stoke he is loving them... Cheers, Jason

6" Boning Knife
Derek Garrett
Get one

Nice addition to the collection.

6" Boning Knife
Jim Miller
Great knife

I love this knife. Extremely sharp.

Yeah Jim... for sure it's sharp! Glad you are digging it... Cheers, Jason