The Dad Behind

That Cook

Meet Jason Glover

I grew up surrounded by a boisterous Greek and German extended family who loved to celebrate life with plenty of food, loud music and a lot of laughter. I first started cooking when I was little after mastering a few of the basics from my mom and grandmother. Even from a young age though, I was required to pitch in and get things started in the kitchen if my mom was coming home late from work. The goal was always to get dinner on the table so my brothers and I could eat together with my mom and dad. We would share our day, and of course, laugh, yell, and pick on each other. It was just like the “Brady Bunch.”

After high school, I started pursuing acting and comedy and then focused on sales and video production. I soon entered the tech world and was caught in the bust. At that point, I was married and my wife was pregnant with our son, Corbin. I quickly realized my job was to take care of the house and that meant figuring out how to feed my family – meals that made them really happy after a long day! So I started talking to other dads about the meals they like to make and an idea was born: Create a community of like-minded dads who love to cook and want to share their ideas.

Now, I’m on a mission: I’m going around the country – and even sometimes, the world – looking for dads who know how to cook and create incredible meals for their families. I want to be in the kitchen with these dads… cooking, laughing and learning new recipes that will inspire me and other dads to create amazing meals for our families too.

What can I say? My wife Michelle and my son Corbin are the best part of my life. I can’t imagine my life without them. We love to laugh at each other’s jokes (mostly mine), travel together, try out new sports, go to a beach any chance we get, listen to music, and of course hang out in the kitchen together. When I see their smiles after I finish cooking up some good grub, it’s the best feeling. I would do anything to make sure they’re happy campers at the dinner table!

Michelle is one of the hardest workers I know. She is smart, caring and loving and will go to the ends of the earth to help you when you need it. She has so much to give when it comes to her family. She’s been working in the corporate world and then as a consultant since before we met and eventually wants to be a full-time novelist and screenplay writer. Corbin, our son, is such a great kid and I just love him so much. He’s so caring (just like his mom) and he works hard too! Can you tell I’m a proud dad? He continues to master the violin – acoustic and electric – and has been speaking Mandarin since he was little. I really can’t believe college is only a few years away!