Nothing beats a good old reuben sandwich! This one has a bit of a twist, with havarti cheese and brioche instead of rye. You're gonna love it!
Corned beef and cabbage cooked in a fraction of the time thanks to the Instant Pot. This is the most tender, juicy, flavorful corned beef you've ever had!
There's nothing better than a hearty bowl of beef stew on a cold winter's day! This recipe can be done in the Instant Pot (recommended) or on the stovetop. It's super simple and so TASTY!
Spicy Lamb Stew
The easiest lamb stew you'll ever make! I made it with leftover smoked lamb, but you can also use brisket or roast. Perfect meal for a cold winter's night!
Bourbon Pulled Pork Chili
Chili just got a major upgrade using bourbon and pulled pork together. This is the BEST CHILI I have ever made. One bowl isn't enough!
Instant Pot Elk Chili
Hearty and comforting elk chili cooked in record time thanks to the Instant Pot! Don't have elk? Try it with venison, buffalo, or ground beef!
Instant Pot Thai Coconut Carrot Soup
Super easy to make this Thai Coconut Carrot Soup in the Instant Pot. You'll just love how the the flavors pop in your mouth, spicy, crunchy and smooth!
Instant Pot Spicy Peanut Sweet Potato Soup
OMG... This Spicy Peanut Sweet Potato soup made in the Instant Pot is The Best Soup Ever! There is no doubt you will love this recipe... and it's super easy to make!
Instant Pot Fall Off the Bone Short Ribs
Short ribs that fall off the bone with flavors that will make your mouth explode and it only takes 70 minutes to make it in an instant pot!
Chicken & Sausage Jambalaya
Jambalaya made in a pressure cooker can be super easy and a lot faster. This chicken and andouille sausage jambalaya was absolutely tasty. The family loved it!
Instant Pot Orange Chicken
Homemade Orange Chicken in less time than it takes to get takeout! Juicy chunks of chicken in a sweet and tangy sauce done in the Instant Pot for quick and easy cleanup. The whole family will love this one!
Instant Pot Chicken Tikka Masala
Healthy and authentic recipe for chicken tikka masala done quickly in the Instant Pot! Comforting and flavorful - this is a super easy midweek meal!
Instant Pot Oxtail Pho with Shrimp Spring Rolls
Oxtail Pho in an Instant Pot? This incredibly delicious dish only takes 30 Minutes to make. So tasty and so good you'll want more... Easy to make!