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Sausage Saffron Pasta with Chef Mike on Dads That Cook

Mike cooks up kid-favorite Saffron Sausage Pasta with Cream Sauce. He starts off the meal with a Lemon Kale Salad that is fresh, delicious, and healthy. This is an easy meal that the kids will also enjoy!

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Mike Terrigno


Mike is a single father taking care of his two kids on his own. He used to be in politics then decided that politics wasn’t for him and went into sales. He loves to play the stand-up bass (his dad was a musician!) and cook for his kids and friends.

Q1 - What’s one tool in the kitchen you wish you had and why?

A simple one, but a larger stove ranges and more powerful burners!!

Q2 - What’s your biggest meal disaster?

Trying to make French baguette from recipe of the best Baguette in Paris - tried multiple times - total disaster. Baking is not my friend!

Q3 - What’s one thing you would like to learn how to make?

authentic Japanese Ramen bowls

Q4 - If there was one dish you would teach your kid to make, what would it be?

How to make Lasagna Bolognese with homemade Spinach Pasta.

Q5 - What does it mean to you as a dad to cook for your family?

It’s one of the most important things that I do - because it creates times for us to sit down together as a family; it teaches my kids how to eat healthy, cook meals and become self reliant.

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Sausage Saffron Pasta with Chef Mike

Transcript of Season 1 Episode 5

Jason Glover: Welcome to Dads That Cook. I’m Jason Glover. I’m on a quest right now to go out around the country and find dads that know how to cook. They may be plumbers, electricians, physicians. We’re going to highlight the incredible meals that they make, show everything that they do, and get you the recipes so you can make them when you’re sitting at home with your family as well. There’s no time limits, there’s no secret ingredients, and no experts, just good cooking.

In this episode, we’re cooking a tasty yet simple pasta dish with Mike Terrigno, a single dad living in San Francisco. He didn’t start cooking until a few years ago, but now cures his own meats and makes his own homemade pasta.

All right, welcome to Dads That Cook. I’m Jason Glover, and we have another awesome episode for you today. We have a great guy named Mike Terrigno?

Mike Terrigno: That’s right.

Jason Glover: He’s just another regular dad like all the rest of us, right? You have a job, you got kids, and you like to cook.

Mike Terrigno: I do.

Jason Glover: Mike, tell me a little bit about yourself. What do you do?

Mike Terrigno: I’m in technology sales, so I sell technology to large companies.

Jason Glover: How long have you don’t that?

Mike Terrigno: About 18 years.

Jason Glover: 18 years?

Mike Terrigno: Yeah, exactly.

Jason Glover: Where did you go to school?

Mike Terrigno: I grew up in Ohio, grew up in Cleveland, and went to college in Denver, a poly sci major, and went to Washington, D.C., did some politics for about two years. I have two kids. I have a daughter, Bella, who is nine, and a son, John Luca who is 11. They go to school here in the city. Isabella is into dance, she’s into soccer, volleyball.

Jason Glover: I was in volleyball.

Mike Terrigno: Really?

Jason Glover: Yeah, I was on the girls eighth volleyball team.

Mike Terrigno: Wow.

Jason Glover: I was the first Northern Californian boy to ever play on a girls volleyball team.

Mike Terrigno: Were you the hammer?

Jason Glover: No, not really.

Mike Terrigno: No?

Jason Glover: I was a scrawny little-

Mike Terrigno: More finesse?

Jason Glover: Yeah. I had all the football team who would come in and make fun of me while I was playing, but I was like, “Hey man, I’m hanging with all the chicks and you’re out on the sweaty football team with a bunch of guys.” And dance, does she do ballet?

Mike Terrigno: Jazz dance.

Jason Glover: Jazz?

Mike Terrigno: Yeah, so through her school, she does it every week.

Jason Glover: And she’s going into fourth grade?

Mike Terrigno: Yeah, fourth grade. She’ll be a fourth grader next year. John Luca is going to be a sixth grader.

Jason Glover: Wow.

Mike Terrigno: Yeah, growing up fast.

Jason Glover: You gotta stop feeding them, you know what I mean?

Mike Terrigno: No, no, they eat-

Jason Glover: I’m sorry, I can’t buy any more clothes. We’re going to trim you down a little bit. So what are we going to make today, do you know?

Mike Terrigno: We’re going to make kale salad with lemon vinegarette dressing. Then we’re going to make a saffron sausage pasta.

Jason Glover: That sounds really, really, really good.

Mike Terrigno: They’re very simple, and the kids love both.

Jason Glover: Your kids don’t like it? They’re not going to hang out?

Mike Terrigno: No.

Jason Glover: Oh, I don’t want to go to dad’s house. His food sucks.

Hey, I’m totally into not slopping on your clothes. I’ve got to make sure that you’ve got the coat that will last you for a long time, your chef coat.

Mike Terrigno: Awesome.

Jason Glover: Chef Mike, with Dads That Cook. Gotta have that going on. And then I want to hear you play this thing.

Mike Terrigno: Okay.

Jason Glover: All right, I’ll put mine on too.

Mike Terrigno: Okay, cool.

Jason Glover: ‘Cause I don’t want you to feel like you’re left out, ’cause I don’t really need one.

Mike Terrigno: Well, aren’t you going to help?

Jason Glover: No, I’m not actually. I just show up at another dad’s house, they cook, and I eat.

Mike Terrigno: Okay, I see, that’s a great thing.

Jason Glover: That’s the way it works. Nice. Awesome!

We have Mike here in the kitchen now. We’re going to go through some of the stuff that he’s going to make. What are we whipping up with now, Mike? What do we got going on?

Mike Terrigno: We’re going to do a kale salad. Essentially, we’re going to be cutting up some kale, squeezing out one lemon, cutting up a shallot, whisking it together.

Jason Glover: A little pepper here, got your salt, and we got our big old thing of olive oil, and we’re going to use all of that, the entire jug. Kale is really, really good for you.

Mike Terrigno: Absolutely. And the kids, I mean the kids love the salads.

Jason Glover: Okay.

Mike Terrigno: They’re doing their homework, I’m making kale.

Jason Glover: Hey Dad, when’s the kale ready? I want my kale!

Mike Terrigno: Exactly.

Jason Glover: So why don’t we get started on the chopping?

Mike Terrigno: Okay.

Jason Glover: I guess you do that first, and then-

Mike Terrigno: Yeah, so I’ve taken the stems out of these particular leaves, and we’re just going to take this bunch and-

Jason Glover: Small little cuts, right?

Mike Terrigno: Yeah, exactly.

Jason Glover: So you just stick that in the bowl?

Mike Terrigno: Stick it in the bowl. So that’s step one. Take a shallot, and we’re going to take this, we’re going to make a dice out of it, so we want to cut it across.

Jason Glover: You guys might have seen this once before when we did this with Ed. It just does make it a lot easier, things come out kinda perfectly. Don’t feel like your technique has to be perfect, you know. It’s all about really tasting yummy.

So you’re going to do a little juicing action, huh?

Mike Terrigno: Exactly.

Jason Glover: Oh, my eye!

Mike Terrigno: You don’t want any seeds in there, that’s why I’m doing that.

Jason Glover: You don’t want any seeds in your salad?

Mike Terrigno: No.

Jason Glover: Mmmm, this kale is kinda bitter, and that seed really helped out.

Mike Terrigno: Yeah, exactly, add some crunch to it, some texture. That’s done.

Jason Glover: So just one little lemon?

Mike Terrigno: One little lemon.

Jason Glover: That’s it.

Mike Terrigno: And then we’re going to take about four times the amount of the lemon of olive oil, and make a vinegarette. We’re going to take some ground pepper.

Jason Glover: Just a couple of cranks?

Mike Terrigno: Yeah, a couple, like five cranks on this thing. A pinch of that.

Jason Glover: Pinch of salt.

Mike Terrigno: Mm-hmm (affirmative), and what I’ve done before, like if I have extra time, is you can actually put the lemon juice with shallots and let that sit for a little bit.

Jason Glover: Yeah, that’s a good idea. We’ve got our kale salad ready to go, all chopped up. We’ve got our oil ready. We’ve got our shallots with the lemon juice. And now, we need that wonderful assistant of yours to come in and help us mix it all up and make it happen.

Mike Terrigno: Hey Isabella, can you come in here please?

Jason Glover: Fabulous.

Mike Terrigno: We need your help. Want to help us?

Jason Glover: You know how to do this deal?

Isabella: Yeah.

Jason Glover: You’ve done it before?

Isabella: Yes.

Jason Glover: Sweet. You like cooking?

Isabella: Yes.

Jason Glover: Awesome. Your dad is a pretty good cook, huh?

Isabella: Yup.

Jason Glover: That’s what I hear. All right, here it goes. She’s whisking. That’s good whisking.

Mike Terrigno: Nice, I like it.

Jason Glover: How long do you have to do that for? Like six hours or so? Your dad just makes you do that all night long?

Mike Terrigno: Till your arms are tired.

Jason Glover: All right, you can go in your room and mix a little bit. Do me a favor and just bring it with you to school.

Mike Terrigno: All right.

Jason Glover: Done. That looks fabulous.

Mike Terrigno: Awesome.

Jason Glover: Thank you Isabella.

Since Isabella was so awesome at whisking all that together, I hear you have another helper that is going to help us mix up the actual salad itself.

 Mike Terrigno: Hey John Luca, can you come here please?

Jason Glover: Hey.

John Luca: Hello, I’m John Luca.

Jason Glover: What’s up, buddy?

Mike Terrigno: Hey, we need some help putting the vinegarette together with the kale. Can you help us mix it?

Jason Glover: Can you whip that up?

John Luca: Okay.

Jason Glover: All right. You know how to do it? You’ve done it before, huh?

Mike Terrigno: Get all that salad around.

Jason Glover: And like Isabella, we’re going to make you mix it for at least another six hours. You like cooking with your dad?

John Luca: Yeah.

Jason Glover: Yeah? He’s pretty good, huh?

Mike Terrigno: You learned to make breakfast, huh?

John Luca: Yeah.

Mike Terrigno: What do you make for breakfast?

John Luca: French toast.

Jason Glover: Ooh, I love French toast. All right, so is that all mixed up? All right, well awesome.

Mike Terrigno: Thank you.

Jason Glover: Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it.

John Luca: Bye.

Jason Glover: All right, we’ll see you later. What kinda sauce, what kinda pasta are you going to make?

Mike Terrigno: We’re going to make a sausage cream pasta. What I love about that ish is you can actually trade things out. So we’re going to use saffron with some water. We could easily just instead of doing saffron, do some sun dried tomatoes or mushrooms.

Jason Glover: Okay. It’s kinda like whatever flavors you like, you can start putting things in.

Mike Terrigno: Exactly. And if you don’t have sausage, you could use ground beef, ground pork. So I’m going to take some sausage, some thyme, cut up an onion. What I like to do is I like to take it out of the casing, so all we’re going to do is cut it, and this is going to come apart, and we’re just going to take it out of here like this. You don’t want too big of pieces.

Jason Glover: Not too chunky.

Mike Terrigno: Exactly. Instead of dicing this, we’re just going to thinly slice it. Then we’re going to take some hot water in a cup with some saffron.

Jason Glover: Okay.

Mike Terrigno: We’re going to take a couple of these strands here, crumble about four or five threads of saffron in this thing, and you want that to sit for about 10 minutes.

Jason Glover: So kinda like a tea, almost, you know?

Mike Terrigno: Yeah, it’s going to seep in it. Then we’re going to take the thyme, and get about, I don’t know, a tablespoon of fresh thyme. Get these off of here.

Jason Glover: Just going to pull a few of these off.

Mike Terrigno: Yeah, if you want.

Jason Glover: Again, these you just pull them backwards and they fly right off.

Mike Terrigno: Absolutely. You could use dry ones if you wanted to.

Jason Glover: All right, so we got our thyme, we’ve got the saffron in the warm water.

Mike Terrigno: Yup.

Jason Glover: And we’ve got our onions, our sausage, and it looks like it’s all kind of ready to be put in a pan for the most part.

Mike Terrigno: Yeah, we’re ready to go. I’ve got the water boiling for the actual pasta. Then we’re going to go ahead and start the sausage cream sauce. We’re going to put about two tablespoons worth of olive oil.

Jason Glover: Oh yeah, that’s two table … One, two. Yeah, that’s about right.

Mike Terrigno: About right. We’re going to take the onions we chopped earlier, put those in there.

Jason Glover: All right.

Mike Terrigno: Medium heat. We’re going to have that cook for probably about five minutes or so.

Jason Glover: Onions.

Mike Terrigno: Onions.

Jason Glover: Gotta love onions.

Mike Terrigno: The other white meat.

Jason Glover: Onions is the other white meat? I didn’t know that. You know, rather than getting that pork chop, you might as well get that onion because that’s the other white meat. That’s right, you’re not a professional chef, right?

Mike Terrigno: I’m not, I’m not! Yeah, so if you can put like a half a teaspoon of salt in there?

Jason Glover: A little bit of salt?

Mike Terrigno: Yeah, that’d be awesome.

Jason Glover: All right.

Mike Terrigno: Half a tablespoon of pepper here. We’re about ready to add the sausage now.

Jason Glover: All right, I like sausage.

Mike Terrigno: Throw the whole thing in. The key here is you want to mash this up. You don’t want the pieces to be too big.

Jason Glover: Work them around.

Mike Terrigno: Work them around, get them browned. We’re going to have these cook for probably about six or seven minutes.

Jason Glover: Okay. You’re pretty intense on that stuff. The concentration that I’m seeing is unreal. It looks like one of those spoons grandma had, you know?

Mike Terrigno: It wasn’t handed down though.

Jason Glover: No.

Mike Terrigno: No.

Jason Glover: I mean, it goes with the tile in this place, for sure.

Mike Terrigno: So does that knife, that middle knife over there, that was from grandma.

Jason Glover: This one?

Mike Terrigno: Yeah.

Jason Glover: Oh, this looks like a grandma knife. It totally does.

Mike Terrigno: Oh yeah. The stories that thing could tell.

Jason Glover: I bet. This is like a … What is this, like a horn or something? Looks like it, or a tooth.

Mike Terrigno: Looks like it. I don’t know.

Jason Glover: Ivory, maybe. I don’t know, I think this thing’s illegal.

Mike Terrigno: So now, we’re about ready to put in the saffron.

Jason Glover: Oh, look at how it colored it all up, all yellow-like.

Mike Terrigno: Yeah, we’re going to put that in there.

Jason Glover: Awesome. Sometimes, guys, they’ll throw some meat in there, they’ll do something, and then it starts getting dry. And I don’t know if you’ve ever had that complaint before by anybody at home, “Oh, it’s pretty dry,” all you got to do is throw a little bit of water in it.

Mike Terrigno: Absolutely.

Jason Glover: I mean, obviously you throw in some saffron and give it some flavor, which is nice.

Mike Terrigno: Sure.

Jason Glover: Chicken stock or chicken broth or something actually just to get more juices into your meat.

Mike Terrigno: Now we’re ready for the heavy cream to go in there.

Jason Glover: All right, heavy cream.

Mike Terrigno: One cup of heavy cream. We’re just going to throw that in there.

Jason Glover: All right. See that? Look at that, almost making a mess.

Mike Terrigno: We’re going to cook this down for probably another five to 10 minutes while we get the pasta going. Penne pasta.

Jason Glover: Penne.

Mike Terrigno: So one pound.

Jason Glover: Throw it in there, buddy. Make it happen. Stir that up in there a little bit, huh? So it doesn’t stick.

Mike Terrigno: Yeah, exactly.

Jason Glover: Now what? We just sit here and wait. Have a beverage, sit down, talk. Yell at the kids about their homework.

Mike Terrigno: Exactly.

Jason Glover: Pasta’s coming along really nice. That sauce is looking yummy!

Mike Terrigno: We’re going to want to take that thingamabob back there. Do you know what this is called?

Jason Glover: Strainer.

Mike Terrigno: Oh yeah.

Jason Glover: Strainer thingamabob. Is it ready for that?

Mike Terrigno: No, we have about another couple-

Jason Glover: Yeah, it looks still real on the al dente there, ’cause I don’t want any chewy pasta, man. Do you ever taste your food as you go along?

Mike Terrigno: Oh, absolutely.

Jason Glover: Or do you just sit here and stare at it? Oh, that’s so good. Oh, I wanted to double dip right there. Did you see that?

Mike Terrigno: Yeah, you were going to. I saw the reach, the reaching.

Jason Glover: Uh-huh (positive). Hmm, I can’t do it. I’m on TV. Just throw it in there, thank you. Yeah, that’s perfect.

Mike Terrigno: Okay, excellent. Now, what we’re going to do, instead of straining it, I’m just going to use this strainer to-

Jason Glover: You just put it right in the pan.

Mike Terrigno: Exactly. The extra water, I don’t really worry about having extra water in there.

Jason Glover: Moisture. You’re going to lose most of it anyway.

Mike Terrigno: Exactly.

Jason Glover: Get that going.

Mike Terrigno: Get this mixed in.

Jason Glover: So this is done?

Mike Terrigno: This is done.

Jason Glover: Now I think we really need to taste it and test it.

Mike Terrigno: You want to taste it?

Jason Glover: I think so.

Mike Terrigno: All right.

Jason Glover: Let me go get my clean spoon. Ah, that’s tasty.

Mike Terrigno: Saffron, yeah.

Jason Glover: That’s excellent. So now we’re going to plate it?

Mike Terrigno: Yup.

Jason Glover: And we’re going to chow it out, and we’re going to see what the kids think about it. All right, let’s go. Let’s do it.

Mike Terrigno: Let’s go.

Jason Glover: We’re down at the table. We’ve got Isabella and John Luca. We’re hanging out. We’re waiting for that slow cook to finally bring us the food. I’ve been here all day waiting for food, and it’s not here. You know, I think I’m going to go on Yelp. Oh wait.

Mike Terrigno: Hey!

Jason Glover: He finally showed up.

Mike Terrigno: I have the kale salad.

Jason Glover: All right, we got the salad.

Mike Terrigno: A little cheese to go on that pasta.

Jason Glover: A little cheese. And the pasta. Yeah, we got to sample that. Ooh, look at that.

Mike Terrigno: Help me out a little. Whoa.

Jason Glover: Oh yeah, here, let me help you out with that. That is quite the platter you got going on there. Snip, snap. Awesome, thank you. Kale salad. We got some pasta happening on the plates there. Well, thanks again, Mike, for having us over today.

Mike Terrigno: Sure, it’s been great.

Jason Glover: Awesome, this is going to taste so good. Look at this stuff. Look at this yummy food.

Mike Terrigno: It’s a must.

Jason Glover: You want some cheese on yours?

Isabella: No thank you.

Jason Glover: No thank you. Very nice manners. I like that about children that have nice manners.

Isabella: Bella, can you wait?

Jason Glover: All right, let’s give it a try, let’s see how it goes. Dig right into this pasta here ’cause … mmmm, that’s good, huh? It’s really yummy. What do you think of your dad’s cooking?

Mike Terrigno: Is it good?

Isabella: Good.

John Luca: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Mike Terrigno: Yeah?

Jason Glover: I appreciate actually making something really simple, really easy, and this was a really easy dish. Do you think you could make it?

Isabella: No.

Jason Glover: No?

Mike Terrigno: Oh, I think you could, Bella.

Jason Glover: I think you could.

Mike Terrigno: I think definitely John Luca could.

Jason Glover: Well, that’s pretty much it for today. Dads That Cook has whipped up an awesome meal thanks to big Mike over here. This has been a real simple meal. Again, you can go online DadsThatCook.com, you can check it all out. We’ll have all of the recipes on there for you.

Thanks again, Mike, for having us over, I really appreciate it.

Mike Terrigno: Thank you for coming over, I appreciate it.

Jason Glover: It was awesome. We’re looking forward to seeing you again. Dads that cook. We’ll see you in the next episode, all right? Right?

Isabella: Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Jason Glover: That’s right. Oh, she’s got her mouth stuffed, I love it. I love, I love it. Let’s just dig in. Mmmm.