BBQ Beast Kit
BBQ Beast Kit
BBQ Beast Kit
BBQ Beast Kit
BBQ Beast Kit
BBQ Beast Kit
BBQ Beast Kit
BBQ Beast Kit
BBQ Beast Kit
BBQ Beast Kit
BBQ Beast Kit
BBQ Beast Kit
BBQ Beast Kit
BBQ Beast Kit
BBQ Beast Kit
BBQ Beast Kit
BBQ Beast Kit
BBQ Beast Kit
BBQ Beast Kit

BBQ Beast Kit

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FALL FLASH SALE: Use code FLASH50 for 50% off at checkout

The BBQ Beast Kit is our ultimate blade bundle, containing all the tools needed to seamlessly slice and chop through any recipe! 

The BBQ Beast Kit includes all of our signature Dads That Cook blades plus our bonus Instant Read Digital Thermometer.

That’s our:

  • 7.5” Chef Knife 
  • 8” Cleaver Knife 
  • 6” Boning Knife 
  • Instant Read Digital Thermometer

The combined retail value of all these items is over $240 but for a limited time get a FREE Boning Knife when you buy The BBQ Beast Kit. We want to make sure everyone has the proper utensils in their kitchen and this kit will definitely take your cooking game to the next level!

Save 50% on the tools you need to make a fantastic meal again and again when you use code FLASH50 at checkout.

All our knives come with their Leather Sheaths!

Each package will include its own Proper Cleaning and Storage card.

Carefully wash your knife by hand and dry with cloth immediately.

Don’t soak, and NEVER wash in a dishwasher.

For maintenance, occasionally oil your knife with food-grade mineral oil to maintain it.

Sharpen your knife as needed with a whetstone, or take it to a pro.

Free Priority Shipping availble! We ship Monday - Friday 8am-3pm PST. Items will be shipped within 3-5 business days via UPS or USPS

We have a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee. If these aren’t the best knives you have ever used, simply email our customer care team for a full refund. No questions asked!

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Robert Larson

Only tried the cleaver so far. And I have no complaints. Worked flawlessly.

Derek Everill
Best cooking knives

Great purchase!

The Prepper Man
Amazing set

This Dads That Cook Knife set is amazing. They're full tang, hand forged and they're freaking sharp. Their quality is remarkable, even the sheathing is very high quality. They slice right through meat like it's butter. When I say they're sharp this is no Walmart quality, this is amazing stuff right here.

james merriman

Love them. Best knives I have ever used

Awesomesauce man! Glad you dig them... Cheers, Jason

Ed Hahm
Beautiful Knives

Got this knife set as a gift for Father's day and I really love it. These knives have great weight to them and great balance. One of my favorites is the cleaver because it's such a heavy duty knife and it makes your job so much easier when you use it.

Steven R Cook

I haven’t used These two sets that I purchased as they are gifts..
Will advise when they are used..

Tim Altizer
BBQ Beast Kit

These are by far the best knives I've ever owned. They slice through meats and vegetables like warm butter. These are very high quality and have a fantastic weight to them.

Love to hear that Tim! Stoked you got them... Cheers, Jason

Jonathan Johnson
Dad’s over the world rejoice

The first slice into the lovingly prepared tri-tip was smooth precise and sturdy. The meat had no resistance to the knife’s cutting prowess. The handle fit well inside my chisled, calloused hands. Game recognized game and a union was forged, clad in the fires of battle, joined like He-Man to his sword.

Love the description Jonathan... He-Man! LOL... thanks for the support! Cheers, Jason

Jonathan Jones
High Quality, Super Sharp

These knives are high quality, super sharp. If you got dull knives in your drawers throw them out, get yourself these knives. You won't regret it.

You da man Jonathan! Cheers, Jason

Jake Messier
It's amazing, get the whole set!

This set is amazing. We got this set 2 months ago and I have not sharpened these things yet. That's a testament to how great these things are.

Stoked you are liking them Jake! Keep on chopping my friend... Cheers, Jason

What Our Customers Say

What's Included?

7.5” Chef Knife

If you were to choose only one knife for the rest of your life, the 7.5″ Chef Knife by Dads that Cook would be the best decision! The stainless steel blade and full tang design ensures perfect quality and outstanding sharpness!

8” Cleaver Knife

Take your cooking game to the next level! Ideal for mincing, shredding vegetables, slicing meat, chopping small poultry, and more, the 8″ Cleaver Knife is going to become your must-have in the kitchen!

6” Boning Knife

The need to get precise with your cuts while boning, skinning & pairing. This knife is also a perfect alternative to a pairing knife as well. The stainless steel blade and full tang design ensures perfect quality and outstanding sharpness!

Plus Our Special Bonus
Instant Read Digital Thermometer

ULTRA FAST and ACCURATE: Highly accurate instant read meat thermometer with a wide temperature range -58℉-572℉ (-50°C- 300°C) measures within 3-4 sec.

Backlight Function Magnetic Water Proof

Bottle Opener Power Saving


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