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Chef Ed makes a comeback and joins me LIVE for an episode of Asian Marinated Drumsticks! He stole the recipe from his Mother-In-Law… LOL!!! It’s so good!




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Ed Hahm

Physicians Assistant

Korean American father of two kids, Ed is a Physicians Assistant for Cardiac and Lung surgery. During the day, he is doing open heart surgery, but on his down time he makes an incredible Chimichurri Sauce that goes well with his BBQ Lamb Chops.

Q1 - What’s one tool in the kitchen you wish you had and why?

Sous vide machine because it regulates cooking temperature giving a quality product.

Q2 - What’s your biggest meal disaster?

I put 1/2 dozen live lobster in Fresh water before we were to cook them that evening. Killed them all and then had to throw them away.

Q3 - What’s one thing you would like to learn how to make?

Lobster bisque

Q4 - If there was one dish you would teach your kid to make, what would it be?

Pasta a la amatriciana. It’s their favorite dish of mine.

Q5 - What does it mean to you as a dad to cook for your family?

It means everything to me. I love providing healthy satisfying meals that my family can enjoy and create memories from.

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Grilled Chimichurri Lamb Chops with Chef Ed

My high school buddy Ed Hahm makes his famous BBQ Lamb Chops with Chimichurri Sauce, plus he grills up some delicious Roasted Mushrooms and Corn on the side.


Asian Marinated Drumsticks with Chef Ed

Transcript of Season 1 Episode 1

Jason Glover: Welcome to Dads that Cook. I’m Jason Glover. I’m on a quest right now to go out around the country and find dads that know how to cook. They may be plumbers, electricians, physicians. We’re gonna highlight the incredible meals that they make, show everything that you do, and get you the recipes so you can make them when you’re sitting at home with your family as well. There’s no time limits. There’s no secret ingredients and no experts, just good cooking.

For our very first episode, we’re meeting my old friend and an awesome dad, Ed Hahm. Ed.

Ed: Jason, great to see you.

Jason Glover: Good to see you.

Ed: Thanks for having me on the show.

Jason Glover: So Ed, what are you doing here at the field?

Ed: Well every Saturday we come out here. My son’s got a t-ball game. Let ’em run around a little bit. Get experience playing some baseball. This is our Saturday mornings.

Jason Glover: So now you, you’re working on open heart surgery?

Ed: No. I work as a physician assistant in adult cardiac surgery. Open the chest, replace the valves, do some bypass surgeries, and then we close em up and make sure they do well and send them home.

Jason Glover: When you see things on TV and they’ve got the chest ripped open, and there’s a little thing beating in there, that’s like you, right?

Ed: That’s pretty much it.

Jason Glover: Put a little duct tape on it.

Ed: Yep or glue.

Jason Glover: A little bit glue. Slap it all back together. Boom you’re out. It’s just like cooking. I love it.

Ed: It’s a lot like cooking.

Jason Glover: I can’t wait to see what you’re gonna cook for us. The food, I hear, is delicious.

Ed: I’m planning on cooking some grilled lamb chops with some chimichurri sauce. My kids love grilled corn and grilled roasted mushrooms.

Jason Glover: Awesome. I’m excited. This is going to be great. I’m really looking forward to tasting the meal, and checking it out, and having some fun.

Ed: Great.

Jason Glover: So let’s go do it. Dads That Cook.

So tell me, how do you make your chimichurri? What do you do?

Ed: Well, chimichurri is a vinegar based sauce. It consists of mostly flat leaf parsley, quarter cup of minced-

Jason Glover: Shallots?

Ed: Minced shallots.

Jason Glover: Hey, I know something.

Ed: We’ve got five garlic gloves, salt, red pepper flakes, olive oil and vinegar.

Jason Glover: So you’re gonna mix that up in that little mixy blendy thing?

Ed: That’s right.

Jason Glover: I love those little things. Just brr and done.

Ed: And it’s easy to clean.

Jason Glover: Yeah I think every guy, every dad needs to have something like this, because it is super simple, you’re gonna love it. All right great. Well, let’s get it ready.

Ed: So first we’ll separate the flat leaf parsley from the stems. Easiest way to do that is to just kind of do a little bit of shaving, just rotate the bunch. Some of the stems can be left in there.

Jason Glover: Just smell that. That parsley smells so good.

Ed: Oh, doesn’t it smell great? You know actually Italians used this back in the days to freshen their breath.

Jason Glover: Well, let me have some.

Ed: Here.

Jason Glover: Oh, so much better now.

Ed: You smell very nice. All right. So now you just wanna just kinda chop it very coarsely, because what we’re gonna do next is put it in our little food processor.

Jason Glover: Back to the food processor.

Ed: Right.

Jason Glover: This thing’s awesome. You guys need to get one.

Ed: What we need next is some garlic cloves. The best way to peel the garlic is just to slam it down.

Jason Glover: Slam it. Slam it.

Ed: Okay.

Jason Glover: And then you just peel it off.

Ed: That’s right. Peel everything off.

Jason Glover: Take off the little shell.

Ed: I’m going to just chop off a little bit of that-

Jason Glover: The excess on the end. The little hard pieces.

Ed: Yep.

Jason Glover: How did you learn about this chimichurri?

Ed: Chimichurri, actually I learned it on TV. Then I tried it at home, and it was really good with steaks. Any kind of red meat.

Jason Glover: Yeah?

Ed: It really just brings out that flavor. We’ve got five crushed cloves of garlic, we’re just going to put right into the blender.

Jason Glover: All right. Just like that, huh? Watch this. Magic.

Ed: Then if things stick to the side a little bit what you want to do is use a spatula and just kind of scrape the sides.

Jason Glover: Get it down there?

Ed: Yep. Smell that.

Jason Glover: I know.

Ed: You can just already smell the freshness.

Jason Glover: Oh yeah.

Ed: Chimichurri.

Jason Glover: Chimichurri.

Ed: Then we want to pulse this down just a little bit more. I think that looks pretty good.

Jason Glover: That looks awesome.

Ed: We’re going to put this into our mixing bowl. At this point I’m going to add a little bit of this water into the container here, so we can scrape down all the rest, because we don’t want to lose any of this.

Jason Glover: Don’t want to lose it.

Ed: That’s right. We work very hard for it.

Jason Glover: Don’t want to lose it.

Ed: That should be good. Now, the rest of the ingredients come in.

Jason Glover: That looks good.

Ed: We’re going to chop up the rest of our shallots.

Jason Glover: Use your handy dandy mixer thing-a-ma-bob?

Ed: No. Now this is where we get-

Jason Glover: This is where you’re going to get into manual here. Right?

Ed: Yeah.

Jason Glover: Now guys, you don’t have to worry about being professional chefs here. We’re dads, we cook. So it doesn’t matter what your technique is. If you watch those shows. Just cut what you can and how you can.

Ed: I’ve already done a little bit of mincing of the shallot. Basically what I like to do is just do several layers of cuts, and that just allows me to do-

Jason Glover: Make a nice, even kind of dice. It’s so much easier. Look at that. And it’s all perfect. It’s all the right size. As long as you make those nice little cuts in the beginning, but again don’t worry about it. Get in there and just cut stuff up.

Ed: You can always just run it across the board too.

Jason Glover: Right, exactly. It’s all going to taste the same.

Ed: That’s right. All we’re doing now is just putting everything into a bowl. Got a quarter cup of minced shallot. That goes right in. A quarter cup of red wine vinegar.

Jason Glover: Just like that.

Ed: Half a cup of good extra virgin olive oil.

Jason Glover: And you made that yourself, right? In the back yard.

Ed: With my muscles that’s right. Hand pressed.

Jason Glover: I’ve got a bunch of olive trees in the back.

Ed: Two teaspoons of salt. A quarter teaspoon of red pepper flakes. Just a little bit to kick it up. Then just give it a little whisk and mix everything up. Then basically it just needs to sit and let the flavors fuse and meld together. The key thing here is that you got to taste your food as you’re going along.

Jason Glover: What are you talking about, taste your food? You just make it and throw it on something, don’t you?

Ed: Sometimes your family can be the taste test dummies.

Jason Glover: Oh yeah. Its got that kick. That’s good. Wow. Good stuff. Chimichurri.

Ed: Chimichurri.

Jason Glover: Chimichurri.

All right, so the chimichurri is all done. Now what are we doing?

Ed: We’ve got our beautiful lamb chops. The thing we got to do is make them taste a little bit better. Some kosher salt, some pepper, followed by a little bit of fresh chopped rosemary, garlic, a little bit of lemon juice and olive oil. Let’s start with our rosemary. What we’re going to do is we’re just going to get the rosemary off the stem.

Jason Glover: Pull it right off.

Ed: Off this way.

Jason Glover: So you guys that are out there thinking, I don’t know what to do, pick one little leaf off at a time, it comes right off. You just go whoop, just backwards, boom flies right off. It’s the big stemy thing you don’t want.

Ed: That’s right. All that woody stuff you don’t want in your food. Just chop this up. Again, you can do a rocking motion with your knife. It doesn’t have to be too fine. We want it a little bit corse. Eventually we want the rosemary to fall off the lamb chops before you grill it. So that probably looks pretty good. Once again, we’ve got some garlic. So we’ll smash the garlic.

Jason Glover: Smash.

Ed: Smash it.

Jason Glover: So this is similar to just doing open heart surgery right here. Right? It’s very similar to slamming open a piece of garlic.

Ed: Humans are a little bit different, and you got to be a little bit more gentle with it.

Jason Glover: Yeah. Probably not slam it with a knife like that. Right?

Ed: No, not so much.

Jason Glover: Not so much.

Ed: You know, we can leave these ends on, because most of this mayonnaise is going to fall off. That’s pretty good.

Jason Glover: Oh happy bowl.

Ed: Yeah. More happiness.

Jason Glover: You got a lot of little happy bowls for a dad that cooks. Huh?

Ed: Now we got one lemon. I like to roll out the lemon just to liberate the juices inside. Just cut this in half.

Jason Glover: I’m alive. I’m liberated.

Ed: We have pretty much all of our ingredients ready to go. You want to give me a hand?

Jason Glover: Sure.

Ed: Why don’t you salt and pepper these bad boys.

Jason Glover: All right. Yeah. I like kosher salt. It definitely has a little bit more thickness to it. You want the other side too, or what are we doing?

Ed: Yeah. Let’s hit it with some black pepper first.

Jason Glover: Are we doing … Okay. There we go. I didn’t know if yours was one of those automatic ones. You got to push the button, because you’re too lazy.

Ed: It takes the fun out of it.

Jason Glover: Oh my arm hurts.

Ed: Yeah. Then we’ll turn these over and do the same thing. If you can help me salt and pepper again?

Jason Glover: Yeah. I sure will.

Ed: Great.

Jason Glover: Look at that bad boy. This is good stuff right here man.

Ed: Kosher salt you actually go a little bit more liberal than table salt, because they’re bigger granules of salt, but not as much sodium. If that makes sense.

Jason Glover: That’s the other thing Ed, is a lot of people in general don’t put the basic seasonings on things to get those flavors coming out. Just a little bit of salt and pepper, those are the staples you should be putting in almost everything you cook. You got to season your food.

Ed: All right.

Jason Glover: Now what?

Ed: Now let’s get our marinade dish. It’s nice to have a little deeper dish that you can put all the lamb chops in here, then you can kind of mix it by hand, because the hands are the best tools you got.

Jason Glover: Absolutely.

Ed: I’ll move this over here.

Jason Glover: I’ll help you.

Ed: Thanks.

Jason Glover: With these guys nice and [situmicated]. So you want a little bit of oil on this?

Ed: Yeah. You can go ahead and drizzle pretty liberally. It’s going to get the marinade into the meat, as well as providing some oil for them to grill on-

Jason Glover: I think those are nice and happy right there.

Ed: Yeah. It looks great. Now I’m going to squeeze a juice of one lemon over it. Just holding the seeds back.

Jason Glover: You don’t have one of those little juicers, huh? But he’s got good strainer hands

Ed: That’s right.

Jason Glover: His hands are good with straining.

Ed: This is how I press my olive oil.

Jason Glover: That’s it right there.

Ed: Now we’re going to add the rosemary.

Jason Glover: All right. Make this sucker nice and yummy.

Ed: Then we’re going to toss all this.

Jason Glover: Oh we’re going to toss it all right.

Ed: Now I’m just going to throw all the garlic on here.

Jason Glover: Now what are you going to do Ed?

Ed: Now it’s time to get your hands dirty. All right.

Jason Glover: Let’s go, let’s do it. Get in there and just rub it in and around.

Ed: Yep.

Jason Glover: This little choppy, choppy. Oh little choppy, choppy wants to go on the grill.

Ed: Massaging. This can sit for half hour if you’re short on time. The longer it sits in the marinade obviously-

Jason Glover: The better.

Ed: Yeah. That’s it. These guys are just going to sit in the fridge for a little while, and then we work on our vegetables.

Jason Glover: Boom. All right, that’s awesome.

Ed: This is what we got.

Jason Glover: Nice. That’s going to taste good.

Ed: My kids love their veggies believe it or not. The simpler the preparation, the more they like it. We’re going to do some grill roasted mushrooms, and also roasted corn. For the corn basically we try and leave them in the husk. What we can do with that is just wet some paper towel, wrap the entire corn, and then wrap that in the foil.

Jason Glover: So the paper towel is mainly just to keep it nice and moist when it’s all rolled up?

Ed: Yeah, correct. You just wrap them up. These are wet, soaked. All right, so the corn is done.

Jason Glover: Awesome.

Ed: We’ll set that aside.

Jason Glover: Ready to roll. Mushrooms.

Ed: We got mushrooms. My kids love mushrooms. Basically you want to try and get them about the same size. If some of them are bigger then you want to just kind of-

Jason Glover: Slice them in half.

Ed: Yeah. Then the bigger ones you can quarter. These are brown mushrooms, cremini mushrooms.

Jason Glover: Ready to go.

Ed: Just throw them in here.

Jason Glover: All right.

Ed: Since we’re going to go out to the grill. If you wouldn’t mind, just again hit them with olive oil. There we go.

Jason Glover: All right, I think that’s good.

Ed: Yeah. Salt and pepper.

Jason Glover: Hey, salt and pepper here. Got rid of everybody from watching the show now. That was awesome.

Ed: Just give it a little toss.

Jason Glover: Just toss it up a little bit. That’s pretty simple.

Ed: That’s it. The whole point is just making it fast and simple, healthy, and delicious.

Jason Glover: So now we’re outside. We’re getting the grill going. He’s got his corn and you got some mushrooms hanging out over there. How are you going to cook these?

Ed: The corn is pretty well insulated with paper towels and the aluminum foil, and mushrooms are mostly water. So they’re pretty well insulated as well. I’m going to crank these things on high. We want to get a nice caramelization on the mushrooms. The corn will steam in its environment.

Jason Glover: Let’s slap some of those suckers on there. Open up the grill. Let’s slap on some corn.

Ed: Corn.

Jason Glover: You’re going to stick with one side. That’s a good idea, right?

Ed: I’ll just throw this right on here, and then eventually we’ll have to turn those.

Jason Glover: Yeah. How often do you think?

Ed: Probably every five minutes or so. Now we’ve got this nice grill basket for the smaller vegetable items. These are great for sauteed and grilled squash, and onions, and things like that. So I’m going to set this down on the side, go ahead and put it on the grill.

Jason Glover: Slap those babies right inside there.

Ed: That’s it.

Jason Glover: All right.

Ed: Just let this sit on the grill, on high heat.

Jason Glover: Awesome.

All right, so it looks like it’s smoking up. Probably should check out the [inaudible].

Ed: Just a little bit.

Jason Glover: Let’s check it out. Oh yeah, look at that. Oh yeah.

Ed: Listen to that sizzle. Smell that. You can smell the caramelization, and you can see that the mushrooms haven’t burnt, because they’re mostly water.

Jason Glover: Right.

Ed: Give it a good shake.

Jason Glover: Yeah. Look at the flame. Roll those corn guys over there, and just give them a little half turn or something.

Ed: That’s right. We let it close down, let the heat recirculate, and we’ll check back in on it in another couple minutes.

Jason Glover: Awesome.

Ed: So let’s take a look at these shrooms. I think they’re probably ready to come off.

Jason Glover: Oh yeah. Those are some pretty serious gloves you got there Ed.

Ed: The pit mitt.

Jason Glover: The pit mitt?

Ed: Yeah.

Jason Glover: Wow, look at that.

Ed: This one the crap mitt.

Jason Glover: The crap mitt and the pit mitt. This one’s for what? Climbing?

Ed: Exactly.

Jason Glover: Like electrical work?

Ed: Yeah. I think they say you can grab something for 450 degrees.

Jason Glover: Wow. Really? Try it out man. Try it out. That’s right. No problem. You’d think it looks like it’s something you’d going skiing with or something. I’m just going to dump those in there, huh?

Ed: Yep.

Jason Glover: All right. Oh that looks good.

Ed: See how they shrunk down? They got some nice color on them.

Jason Glover: Yeah. I’m going to eat one.

Ed: Yeah. Try one.

Jason Glover: That’s good. Those one pop. Just a little bit of seasoning we did.

Ed: That’s it.

Jason Glover: We didn’t do a lot. Just the salt, and the pepper, and the olive oil.

Ed: That’s it. All right, the corn should be ready at this point. We’ll go ahead and just throw these into the pan there.

Jason Glover: Yeah. Down there by the lake. Look at the corn Margie. Look at the corn.

Ed: All right, so I’m going to throw this back in a warmer, and we’ll come back out and get ready to grill.

Jason Glover: All right. Great, awesome.

All right, so I see you got your meat and you got a little bowl of oil or something like that.

Ed: Yeah. This is just simply a vegetable oil. What you want to do is just dip it in here with your tongs. You got to be careful of flareups obviously. Then you just want to just go up and down your grates. Just a nice shiny surface here. What that does is essentially creates almost like a Teflon coating. So we’ll close the grill and sit this right over there.

Jason Glover: Let it heat up a little bit?

Ed: Yep.

Jason Glover: All right.

Ed: So it’s looking around 575 now. We’ll just start throwing on these lamb chops. Every grill usually has a hotspot.

Jason Glover: They do, you’re right. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Wait until that goes down my gullet. I can’t wait.

Ed: This is when you really do want smell-o-vision.

Jason Glover: That is looking really good. Party on Wayne.

Ed: Now, when you start seeing a lot of smoke then you want to just check underneath. This is also the time that if you want to get really creative you can do your grill marks just by changing the orientation of the meat.

Jason Glover: Getting all pretty with the meat now.

Ed: If you want to get really fancy. All right, so we can smell that.

Jason Glover: It’s smelling good.

Ed: So it might be ready for a flip. Let’s take a look.

Jason Glover: All right, we’re going to go in for the flip. Here we go. We can see the juices flying out. Look at that. Oh yeah. That’s going to be a party in my mouth pretty soon. Yeah. That’s some nice grilling there buddy. Ed Hahm the grill master over here.

Ed: Okay. So I turned down the heat. The internal temperature of the meat rise a little bit, for some of the thicker cuts.

Jason Glover: So how are you going to eat it? Are you going to use a fork, or are you just going to chew on it with your fingers?

Ed: I’m going to dip it in chimichurri sauce.

Jason Glover: Chimichurri. Love the chimichurri.

Ed: These are looking almost like they’re pretty close to being done. You can just tell by the doneness and how much it rebounds on you. Plus they’re going to cook a little bit more with the residual heat.

Jason Glover: All right, so that’s it. Huh? We got it all off the grill. We’re ready to go. Let’s cover that up, and bring it inside, and get it on a plate.

We’re down here sitting at the table now. We got our lamb chops, we’ve got our corn, we’ve got our yummy mushrooms, and we definitely got our chimichurri sauce. Look at all that stuff. This is going to be so great. So now we’re all going to sit down, we’re going to try it out, and I’m going to ask these little monkey’s over here if they like his food. That’s going to be the test. You guys like your dad’s food? You do? Are you serious? Yeah. That’s right. Let’s dig in, let’s give this thing a shot.

Oh yeah, look at that. Ready for it? Oh that’s good. That is really good. Oh yeah. I’m moving in. Your kids are spoiled man. Let me tell you that.

Ed: [inaudible] chimichurri sauce is good on that.

Jason Glover: The sauce is, that’s the kicker. How’s that food over there Nolan? Is it good? Really?

Ed: All right, let’s check it out.

Jason Glover: You’re going to eat your dad’s food again? No.

Ed: Not after this meal he says.

Jason Glover: Yeah, right.

Thanks Ed.

Ed: Thanks for having me.

Jason Glover: Thanks for having us. Some chimichurri.

Ed: Say chimichurri.

Nolan: Chimichurri.

Jason Glover: Chimichurri. Yeah.

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