Lamb Lentil Stew with Sequoia

This Lamb Lentil Stew recipe created by Sequoia is so good with all the spices! The best Lamb Stew recipe I’ve ever had. To top it off, we get try his Sweet Potato Coins as a side and a dessert to bring it home – Homemade Cinnamon Ice Cream!

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Sequoia Hall
County Commissioner
San Jose, California resident and father, Sequoia inherited the cooking genes from HIS father. He and his wife collaborate in the kitchen: He makes the protein, she makes the salad. His son has developed a specific love of baking, and his daughter likes to make things in the kitchen as well. Sequoia once owned a winery, and loves figuring out what foods pair best with certain wine. 

Q1 - What’s one tool in the kitchen you wish you had and why?

A faster ice cream maker so I can add it for desert faster

Q2 - What’s your biggest meal disaster?

The first thanksgiving we hosted. My grandparents and my in laws came and we had just started eating meat again. The turkey came out undercooked and my wife and got sick. It was a disaster.

Q3 - What’s one thing you would like to learn how to make?

Deep fried turkey. I’ll try it one thanksgiving soon.

Q4 - If there was one dish you would teach your kid to make, what would it be?

Chicken keleguen, a dish from Guam where I grew up.

Q5 - What does it mean to you as a dad to cook for your family?

My wife and I are partners in raising our kids and putting yummy, quality, healthy meals on the table has created an awesome close family. Our Sunday night dinners always have a few extra kids who come for the food and conversation keyed by our question of the night tradition.