Beer Roasted Duck, Yorkshire Pudding, Israeli Salad, Tomato Soup and Mochi Cake with Chef Michael

Michael cooks up an incredible meal of Roasted Duck, Yorkshire Pudding, Israeli Salad, Tomato Soup and THE BEST MOCHI CAKE Ever!!! This meal will definitely impress your family and friends and it’s super easy to make.

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Michael Chang
Engineer / CEO
I started my career as an engineering and now I manage a tech business called YesVideo which captures consumer analog media for storage in the cloud. It’s a very meaningful business because we help millions of families relive their precious memories together.  I love to cook – lately having a great time with my smoker.


Q1 - What’s one tool in the kitchen you wish you had and why?

I would love a Salamander Broiler – Alicia and I love French onion soup and it looks super simple to throw a crock bowl with soup, bread and cheese in for a couple minutes to get that perfect melt. Totally impractical to have at home and would probably burn myself every time.

Q2 - What’s your biggest meal disaster?

Burning – literally burning - a pot of chicken soup that I left on the stove in the morning…it filled the whole house with smoke. Thank goodness it was a great stove so it didn’t lead to a house fire! The pot’s cladding literally melted off, it got so hot!

Q3 - What’s one thing you would like to learn how to make?

I love the idea of foods that take a long time to make, so maybe fish sauce.

Q4 - If there was one dish you would teach your kid to make, what would it be?

I would keep it simple, so fresh chicken stock, that they can pass on to their kids.

Q5 - What does it mean to you as a dad to cook for your family?

I feel like cooking for the family is an expression of love. My mom cooked dinner for us almost every night even though it is a lot of work. My dad joined in later in our lives to help cook too. To this day, it is one of the many ways that they show us they love us.