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Beer Braised Chicken Thighs with Chef Paul

Cooking with Belgian Beer gives Paul’s Beer Braised Chicken thigh Recipe a whole new flavor that is popular with the whole family! He also makes fantastic Mashed Potatoes and Bacon Broccoli you won’t want to miss…

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Paul Murray

School Teacher

Paul is the proud father of a wonderful daughter, teaches English at a business college, and brews his own beer as a hobby. He spent his twenties acting in LA and now writes short stories to scratch his creative itch. Paul is a bit of an adventure cook. He likes to cook all types of food, but is particularly drawn to styles and techniques he’s never tried before. One of his favorite ways of expressing and growing his skills in the kitchen is to throw a dinner party for friends and try to create a meal they’ll never forget.

Q1 - What’s one tool in the kitchen you wish you had and why?

A sous vide because I want to experiment with it.

Q2 - What’s your biggest meal disaster?

When I was making a roast for company and my meat thermometer stopped working making me think the roast wasn’t done yet when actually it had turned into shoe leather long ago…

Q3 - What’s one thing you would like to learn how to make? More money?

I’m guessing you’re asking about food though. I can’t think of anything I’d want to make that I don’t know how

Q4 - If there was one dish you would teach your kid to make, what would it be?

Probably to roast and carve a whole chicken. Such a versatile and delicious meal!

Q5 - What does it mean to you as a dad to cook for your family?

I can help my family with my time and effort

Have some laughs with Paul Murray and Jason Glover as they prepare and cook some incredible food!

Beer Braised Chicken Thighs

Transcript of Season 1 Episode 9

Jason Glover: Welcome to Dads That Cook. I’m Jason Glover. I’m on a quest right now to go out around the country and find dads that know how to cook. They may be plumbers, electricians, physicians. We’re gonna highlight the incredible meals that they make, show everything that they do, and get to the recipes so you can make ’em when you’re sittin’ at home with your family as well. But there’s no time limits, there’s no secret ingredients, and no experts. Just good cooking.

This time on Dads that cook, we’re cookin’ with Paul Murray, a local dad and teacher with a passion for craft beer and delicious food. Today, he’ll bring the two together as he uses beer to liven up mashed potatoes, roasted broccoli and brazed chicken.

Hi, welcome to Dads That Cook. I’m Jason Glover. We got an awesome guest today, Paul Murray. He’s a good guy. He’s got some stuff happening. The guy loves beer. Sounds like he’s got some stuff happening with beer, right?

Paul Murray: I do, I do.

Jason Glover: How do you cook? Where are you from?

Paul Murray: Where am I from? Well-

Jason Glover: All that good stuff.

Paul Murray: Originally grew up in the bay area.

Jason Glover: Okay.

Paul Murray: Came to Sacramento to go to college. I decided that I was gonna be rich and famous.

Jason Glover: Yes.

Paul Murray: Unless I dropped out of school, went to LA.

Jason Glover: How’d that work out?

Paul Murray: Well, you all recognized me right away, I’m sure.

Jason Glover: Yes, absolutely. Super famous. Paul Murray, everybody.

Paul Murray: Right. Yeah, I got about pretty much as far as being a waiter.

Jason Glover: And you were very good at that.

Paul Murray: I was very good at that.

Jason Glover: A lot of people clapped.

Paul Murray: They did. Like, “The food’s here, finally.” But that’s actually how it is. I started to learn, really learn how to cook. The chefs would always tell us the specials, and I was single and lonely. So I’d go home-

Jason Glover: Sure.

Paul Murray: And try to recreate it for myself at home.

Jason Glover: Single and lonely.

Paul Murray: That’s how I seasoned the food was just-

Jason Glover: Yeah.

Paul Murray: Salty tears.

Jason Glover: Salty tears. Now you’re a teacher.

Paul Murray: I am a teacher, yeah. I teach at a business college in the area.

Jason Glover: Great.

Paul Murray: Teach English and grammar, and-

Jason Glover: Good, ’cause I need some help with that for sure.

Paul Murray: Good. Good, yes. There’ll be a test.

Jason Glover: You’re married obviously.

Paul Murray: Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Jason Glover: You have a kid.

Paul Murray: Fiona. She’s gonna be four in a couple months.

Jason Glover: Wow, awesome.

Paul Murray: And you’ll probably see several costume changes today.

Jason Glover: Oh good.

Paul Murray: We can’t buy enough princess dresses for her.

Jason Glover: Princess.

Paul Murray: Right.

Jason Glover: She’s really into the princess thing?

Paul Murray: Mm-hmm (affirmative), yeah.

Jason Glover: Are you into the prince thing? I mean do you have your prince outfits and stuff that you’re gonna put on for us later, or?

Paul Murray: After we wrap.

Jason Glover: After we wrap.

Paul Murray: Yeah, yeah.

Jason Glover: I can’t wait to see that part. So what are we making today?

Paul Murray: Gonna do a chicken. Gonna braze it with some leeks, and then a Belgian double. Then we’re gonna do a roasted garlic IPA infused mashed potato. We’ll do some roasted broccoli. Toss it with a bacon vinegarette.

Jason Glover: Bacon. Well I’m excited. This is gonna be fun.

Paul Murray: It’s gonna be a lot of fun.

Jason Glover: All my guests on the show, we’re gonna have your own jacket.

Paul Murray: Very cool.

Jason Glover: With the Chef Paul jacket.

Paul Murray: Oh, that’s very nice.

Jason Glover: Look at that. You can even wear the hanger with it.

Paul Murray: I think that’d be comfortable.

Jason Glover: Yeah. And but we’ll need to take that back ’cause I’ve got some more guests that I’ve gotta put their name on it.

Paul Murray: Sure.

Jason Glover: We are actually here in the kitchen now. What do we got goin’ on?

Paul Murray: Well this is gonna be for a bacon vinegarette for the roasted broccoli.

Jason Glover: Oh, okay.

Paul Murray: Bacon, you’ve cut up in nice little chunks. It’s got a little Dijon mustard. This is actually infused with porter. So we’re tying in the beer thing again. Red wine vinegar. We’ve got some brown sugar, salt, little diced shallots, pepper, and then you just kinda combine the ingredients; whisk ’em together real quick.

Jason Glover: Or just smear it all over yourself.

Paul Murray: If that’s what you’re into. Roasted vegetables are delicious. It’s great by itself. I’m always looking for ways to add more flavor to it.

Jason Glover: Add some flavor to it. You only made this one time before.

Paul Murray: Yeah. It turned out great. IF you have your techniques down, you kinda know what you’re doing.

Jason Glover: So we’ve got the pan out, it’s all hot and ready to go.

Paul Murray: Yep, it’s got a nice temp. First you gotta get the bacon. Alright, gonna get that crisped up nice.

Jason Glover: Okay.

Paul Murray: Render some of that fat out.

Jason Glover: That’s gonna go [inaudible]. Oh yeah. That’s some serious bacon. That’s another thing though. If you don’t know how to cook, and all you can do is throw some bacon into a pan, it always smells good and people love it. And they come over and say, “Wow, what are you making?” Smells like kinda mapley kinda bacon.

Paul Murray: Yeah, it’s a maple bacon.

Jason Glover: I was right.

Paul Murray: Now we get the bacon out of the pan.

Jason Glover: He’s got his little strainer.

Paul Murray: It’s called a spider.

Jason Glover: A spider. Now we get the-

Paul Murray: Scoop out the extra fat. About three tablespoons.

Jason Glover: So now you’re gonna dump the bacon in the little bowl there.

Paul Murray: Yeah.

Jason Glover: Gets rid of the rest of it.

Paul Murray: Yep.

Jason Glover: Right?

Paul Murray: And we’ll use this to brown the chicken in.

Jason Glover: Yeah.

Paul Murray: So it’s off the side, we’ll get the burner back on.

Jason Glover: And put your three tablespoons you’ve got back in there. Party on, Wayne.

Paul Murray: Party on, Garth.

Jason Glover: Game on.

Paul Murray: The shallot. Just let that kinda cook for a few minutes. Make it soft. Or turn off the heat and add in the rest. Whisk it together. So that’s lookin’ pretty good.

Jason Glover: Yeah.

Paul Murray: You know, kinda softened up there. So here we’re just gonna incorporate the vinegar.

Jason Glover: Vinegar in there with the shallots.

Paul Murray: The sugar.

Jason Glover: El sugar.

Paul Murray: And then the mustard.

Jason Glover: Mustard.

Paul Murray: And just kinda whisk it together. And the residual heat will just kinda carry that to where it needs to be. So let this cool, and in a minute we’ll transfer it over to another container.

Jason Glover: Alright, so we got that vinegarette all set up, ready to go.

Paul Murray: Now we’re gonna get into, looks like broccoli.

Jason Glover: Right, right.

Paul Murray: We’re just gonna roast the broccoli, drizzle a little bit of olive oil. Easy on the salt and pepper. You wanna a little on there to season it, but we have the vinegarette. Don’t crowd it. Now you want a little space in between here, otherwise it’ll steam and get soggy, as opposed to kinda nice crunchy [crosstalk].

Jason Glover: Crunchy crispy. And the parchment paper, what’s that for?

Paul Murray: Keeps it clean, makes the clean up easy. One thing with parchment paper [inaudible], it can kinda curl up on you. You’re just gonna give it a crinkle first, spread it out.

Jason Glover: You’re gonna throw it in the oven for how long, and?

Paul Murray: ‘Bout 450 for about 20, 25 minutes.

Jason Glover: Okay.

Paul Murray: We’re doing the vinegarette so, go easy on the setting.

Jason Glover: Right, you don’t wanna go too crazy.

Paul Murray: Yeah.

Jason Glover: So we can stick that in the over now, and get that rolling.

Paul Murray: Yeah, get it going.

Jason Glover: Okay, well let’s do that. We’re gonna throw that in the oven, and then we’re gonna start working on the chicken. Alright, so what do we got?

Paul Murray: It’s a chicken. We’re gonna braze it in a Belgian double beer. A nice kind of rich, malty beer. Kinda similar to a red wine. Give that one a taste.

Jason Glover: Mmm.

Paul Murray: So we got chicken, we got legs and thighs that are attached. Makes a nice serving portion. Gonna dredge that in some flour that’s been mixed in with some salt and pepper. We’re gonna braze that in the Belgian double. Leeks, thyme, bay leaf, chicken stock and heavy cream. It’s a great recipe. I’ve made it several time for dinner parties.

Jason Glover: Great.

Paul Murray: People love it. Fairly simple, like in a very-

Jason Glover: Right.

Paul Murray: Minimal ingredients, boil together and get to know each other.

Jason Glover: Alright, I see we got bowl of water over here, and you got your leeks.

Paul Murray: There’s a little bit of grit and sand that gets in there. So this is the easiest way to kinda get it out. Cut it in half. Let it soak for a four or five minutes; it does the work for you.

Jason Glover: So you just want the main head part of [crosstalk].

Paul Murray: Yeah, yeah, you want the dark green part.

Jason Glover: Yeah.

Paul Murray: The very light green to the white.

Jason Glover: Okay.

Paul Murray: That’s the part that you want.

Jason Glover: You never use the rest of it, huh?

Paul Murray: I don’t. Those very tough. So this is where all the flavor is. Just like that.

Jason Glover: Just slice ’em in half and stick ’em in the …

Paul Murray: [crosstalk].

Jason Glover: Yeah, I can see the little dirt things come out.

Paul Murray: [crosstalk] they come out, yeah.

Jason Glover: Yeah. And while they’re soaking you can be doing somethin’ else.

Paul Murray: Right. So there you go.

Jason Glover: The next thing that we’re making here is this whole potatoey thing that you got going on.

Paul Murray: Right.

Jason Glover: So tell me what the potato deal is, how you make it, what’s so special about it?

Paul Murray: Well this is a recipe I found online. Mashed potatoes; everyone loves mashed potatoes. Roasted garlic mashed potatoes. We’re gonna infuse a little IPA. And do India Pale Ale. It’s a very hoppy beer. Herbal, kind of almost garlicky flavor to it. So it compliments it really well, then you get some of those citrus notes in there too. These are Yukon Gold potatoes. Dice those up so they’ll cook a little faster. Thyme, always salt and pepper; we’re gonna season that up. Butter, cream, garlic that we’re gonna roast, and the IPA.

Jason Glover: So we just cut up the potatoes earlier and chopped those all up. Those were easy, ready to go. Those’ll boil a couple minutes and boom, they’re done. What are you gonna do with the garlic and all that.

Paul Murray: So we’re gonna roast the garlic, put a little thyme, salt and pepper on ’em, a little olive oil, throw it in the oven. Combine the butter and the cream, mix in the roasted garlic. Then right before you serve it, you wanna put the beer. You wanna put this in at the end, because if you cook the hop oils too much, they get bitter.

Jason Glover: Well this gonna taste good. I’ve never had beer in potatoes. I’ve had butter in potatoes, and a lot of it.

Paul Murray: Sure.

Jason Glover: But no so much the beer. How much of the beer? ‘Cause I see there’s a whole big glass, so there might be some left over.

Paul Murray: Quarter to a half a bottle.

Jason Glover: Hey.

Paul Murray: Gotta save it for the potatoes, man. So you got the garlic in here. Put a little olive oil, salt and pepper. Put a couple sprigs of thyme in there to infuse in as much flavor as possible. Just gonna put these in the oven at 450, 20 to 30 minutes. To kinda touch it, [inaudible] squishy. A little squishy, it’ll be good. It’s right on the rack.

Jason Glover: Just throw ’em on in there, right?

Paul Murray: Yep.

Jason Glover: Stick it in the rack.

Paul Murray: That easy. Set a timer.

Jason Glover: Now we just sit around.

Paul Murray: No, now we’re gonna finish stuff.

Jason Glover: Oh, God.

Paul Murray: Alright, so think the garlic might be done. Let’s get a check.

Jason Glover: Alright, let’s check it out. Oh it’s hot in there.

Paul Murray: Nice and squishy.

Jason Glover: Nice and happy.

Paul Murray: Yep.

Jason Glover: Alright, let’s pull ’em out.

Paul Murray: [crosstalk] good.

Jason Glover: Let ’em sit for a little bit?

Paul Murray: Yeah, five, 10 minutes.

Jason Glover: Yeah.

Paul Murray: Or until your ready for ’em. So you’re serving up our little bundles of joy here.

Jason Glover: Oh yeah.

Paul Murray: So you get the thyme off there. Let it sit for about at least five minutes; maybe more.

Jason Glover: So it doesn’t burn your fingers.

Paul Murray: Right. And then just kinda-

Jason Glover: Just push ’em out.

Paul Murray: Push ’em out.

Jason Glover: Your fingers are gonna smell like garlic all night.

Paul Murray: That’s alright. Take your handy dandy fork, and just kinda …

Jason Glover: Just kinda mush ’em down.

Paul Murray: Make into a paste.

Jason Glover: Now that’s easy.

Paul Murray: Yep. And we’ll mix that into the cream butter later.

Jason Glover: How mushy do you need to get ’em?

Paul Murray: I like to get it to where that you can’t see shape of the garlic.

Jason Glover: The clove anymore.

Paul Murray: Something like that.

Jason Glover: And then we’ll just leave that to the side for a little bit?

Paul Murray: Yep. ‘Til we’re ready for it.

Jason Glover: And then the leaks now, we’re gonna prepare those.

Paul Murray: Yep, just gonna slice ’em until little half rounds.

Jason Glover: Okay. So, let’s see how you do that. And just slice ’em down like that.

Paul Murray: Yep.

Jason Glover: He’s got some skills.

Paul Murray: Great.

Jason Glover: Alright, we got our leeks. Good work.

Paul Murray: Hey, thanks.

Jason Glover: Way to go, I’m really impressed.

Paul Murray: Thank you. Our chicken.

Jason Glover: We’re gonna do the shake and bake.

Paul Murray: Do the shake and bake, right? You can do the dredging thing if you want to, but the shake and bake technique is a lot easier.

Jason Glover: You got perfect. That’s some serious shake and bake.

Paul Murray: Shake off the extra. Throw a couple more in there.

Jason Glover: Legs going for a little party.

Paul Murray: A little salt and flour jacuzzi.

Jason Glover: So there. There you have it. Those are all nice and dusted, and happy in their shake and bake. Now what do we do?

Paul Murray: Well, we’re gonna brown it in the fat.

Jason Glover: Brown in the fat, that’s right. We’ve got our bacon fat all waitin’ for us. Bacon fat?

Paul Murray: To the bacon fat.

Jason Glover: Alright, great. You can put that in the hot pan?

Paul Murray: Canola oil, whatever. But if you had the bacon fat, it adds a little more flavor.

Jason Glover: So how do you put down? You put the-

Paul Murray: Well it’s inside down first.

Jason Glover: Inside down first, yeah.

Paul Murray: You want that to be nice and brown.

Jason Glover: How many you gonna fit in there?

Paul Murray: Maybe two at a time.

Jason Glover: Two.

Paul Murray: And then they go for about five minutes.

Jason Glover: Okay.

Paul Murray: Flip it.

Jason Glover: So you’re just browning it. Oh yeah, look at that. Oh yeah. Got some party chicken. Takin’ a hot bath.

Paul Murray: Get the leeks goin’.

Jason Glover: You gonna throw the leeks in there?

Paul Murray: Yep.

Jason Glover: That’s probably not gonna take very long to brown that up.

Paul Murray: No, just a couple minutes. Gotta do their magic for a while. So now we’re gonna add in the beer. This is that Belgian double.

Jason Glover: Yeah, that was tasty.

Paul Murray: And you have the thyme and the bay leaves.

Jason Glover: Just throw those in there.

Paul Murray: Yeah. A little chicken stock.

Jason Glover: Cream. Just throw ’em back in there. All four of ’em gonna fit in there now?

Paul Murray: Yep.

Jason Glover: Hey, hop into the tub, man.

Paul Murray: And if it’s a little low, like it is there, you can just add a little more stock. It doesn’t have to be completely covered.

Jason Glover: Right.

Paul Murray: Little more.

Jason Glover: ‘Cause it’s gonna sit in there for a while.

Paul Murray: About 20 minutes. Alright, so now we’re gonna move on to the stuff for the potatoes.

Jason Glover: Taters.

Paul Murray: Cup of heavy cream.

Jason Glover: Low fat meals today, guys.

Paul Murray: Exactly. Special occasion meal.

Jason Glover: Heavy cream and butter. Whole stick a butter.

Paul Murray: Some thyme.

Jason Glover: Thyme. Just gonna throw the whole sprig in there, huh?

Paul Murray: Just throw ’em in, the whole thing. Adding layers of flavor when we can. So we gotta let that melt into a little boil. Let it simmer for a while.

Jason Glover: Take a couple minutes, yeah.

Paul Murray: In the meantime, we’ll drain the potatoes.

Jason Glover: Okay.

Paul Murray: Back in the pot.

Jason Glover: Do your little mashy mash.

Paul Murray: Yeah. Alright, so we’re getting there.

Jason Glover: Looks like it’s startin’ to boil.

Paul Murray: Startin’ to.

Jason Glover: Two minutes and 50 somethin’ seconds.

Paul Murray: I can’t wait. It’s actually just around the corner to the left.

Jason Glover: Oh, I already went.

Paul Murray: Oh.

Jason Glover: I’m good.

Paul Murray: Alright, looks about right. I’m gonna add in the roasted garlic that we mashed up earlier.

Jason Glover: Alright, mashed up earlier.

Paul Murray: So just let that kinda get to know each other in the cream.

Jason Glover: There’s just a party in there.

Paul Murray: And the chicken’s gonna be about another six, six or seven minutes.

Jason Glover: Lookin’ forward to it.

Paul Murray: Let’s double check the broccoli here, make sure I got done.

Jason Glover: Gettin’ all happy.

Paul Murray: Yeah, it’s a about good. So just hold it in there, and turn it off.

Jason Glover: Alright.

Paul Murray: Let the heat just kinda hold it. Now it’s time we add the beer.

Jason Glover: Beer.

Paul Murray: I just took the IPA.

Jason Glover: Yeah.

Paul Murray: So I’m gonna do about half.

Jason Glover: Little half. And you’re gonna save the rest for yourself.

Paul Murray: No comment.

Jason Glover: No comment, huh? Sure, I hear ya.

Paul Murray: And the nice thing about this, is you can then add it to taste.

Jason Glover: Depends on the consistency of the potato you want.

Paul Murray: Right. The lid on. So it’s like plenty of heat to keep warm back here.

Jason Glover: Sure.

Paul Murray: Two minutes on that.

Jason Glover: Alright so, I like the fact that you’re probably the first dad that figured out how to use this thermometer pouch.

Paul Murray: Thermometer pocket.

Jason Glover: So, you’re gonna use it today, right?

Paul Murray: Yeah. So, in a couple minutes, we’re gonna check the temperature. Wanna get to be about 155. Because chicken’s done at 160. But at 155 the heat will carry it past that.

Jason Glover: Okay.

Paul Murray: So if you get 155 or above, your chicken’s good.

Jason Glover: It’ll be fine. Because even when you pull it off, it’ll cook a little longer.

Paul Murray: Right.

Jason Glover: There gonna come in, they’re gonna go, “Yeah.”

Paul Murray: Oh yeah.

Jason Glover: It’s time to eat.

Paul Murray: That is done.

Jason Glover: It’s done.

Paul Murray: Done, done, done.

Jason Glover: Chef Paul and his lovely family here are sittin’ down. We’re gonna eat the food that took him forever to make today.

Fiona: You forgot me.

Jason Glover: Oh not yet. I didn’t forget you yet, sweetheart. We’re gonna go all the way around, meet everybody. You can tell us all about it. Why don’t we start with you? What’s your name, sweetheart?

Fiona: Fiona.

Jason Glover: Fiona. I love that name, that’s a great name. Do you normally like your dad’s food?

Fiona: Yes.

Jason Glover: You do?

Fiona: Hey, and Paul’s my dad.

Jason Glover: Paul’s your dad?

Paul Murray: Mixing stuff.

Jason Glover: Yeah, he mixes [inaudible] up. [inaudible] guys, really quite like. Yeah, just over in the corner.

Paul Murray: Sprinkles.

Jason Glover: Sprinkles.

Paul Murray: Sure.

Jason Glover: Little stuff. Little bit of this. I love it. And this is you’re lovely wife.

Paul Murray: This is my wife Joanna.

Joanna: Hi.

Jason Glover: Hi, Joanna. So you guys are both teachers.

Joanna: Yeah. We do music analysis, and art analysis. A little bit of everything, like humanities classes, so.

Jason Glover: Okay. Chef Paul here made some yummy, yummy, yummy stuff, so, I mean look at this. Beer infused everything. Bacon and beer, we’re just gonna get silly tonight.

Fiona: I think we need some.

Jason Glover: Yeah, I think we need some. Yeah. I’ll let you serve it up, Chef Paul.

Paul Murray: Alright.

Jason Glover: You’re gonna serve me first.

Paul Murray: Yeah.

Jason Glover: That’s so nice.

Paul Murray: Guests first.

Jason Glover: Look at these taters. All the garlic, I can smell that beer in there; it’s unbelievable.

Joanna: There it is.

Jason Glover: Oh, it’s a little squirrely on us, huh?

Fiona: Hey, Daddy.

Jason Glover: Bacon infused broccoli. And what I like about making big meals like this too, Chef Paul, is you have leftovers. Let’s try this chicken out here. I’m gonna get a little slice. Ooh, look at that. Nice and soft.

Fiona: [inaudible] someone’s chicken.

Jason Glover: I do.

Joanna: They don’t have to share with family home.

Jason Glover: Dank.

Joanna: We actually don’t even have to share. It’s good honey.

Jason Glover: Yeah, that’s great.

Paul Murray: Thanks.

Jason Glover: Just really good. It’s not overpowering.

Paul Murray: No.

Jason Glover: It’s not like, oh, I’m having beer potatoes.

Paul Murray: Right, you don’t want that.

Joanna: It has almost an herbal aspect to it.

Jason Glover: Yeah, right. You’re right.

Joanna: I don’t think a person would necessarily know what they were tasting [crosstalk].

Jason Glover: No, you wouldn’t even notice it. You wouldn’t even notice it was beer.

Joanna: Yeah, [crosstalk] say these are better than usual.

Paul Murray: Which is kinda the goal.

Jason Glover: Okay. But I love the combinations-

Paul Murray: Thanks.

Jason Glover: Of the cream, the beer.

Paul Murray: Good.

Jason Glover: You did a great job.

Paul Murray: Thanks.

Jason Glover: Really love it. This is good stuff, guys. I’m tellin’ you. You’re gonna love it. Definitely go to dadsthatcook.com. You’ll get the recipe from Chef Paul here. What do you think? What do you think of your dad’s cookin’ now?

Fiona: Yeah.

Jason Glover: Yeah? He’s the best, huh? Yeah. Just eat it right up. Eat it right up.

So are you a Dad? Do you like to cook? Do you cook meals for your family? Are you a regular dad like I am and not professionally trained? But you think you’ve got what it takes to be on my show? Go to dadsthatcook.com, fill out the form, and who knows. You might be the next person on our show.