From Scratch Linguine Pasta and Wild Boar Carbonara with Chef Hiram Peri

We met up with Private Chef – Hiram Peri while traveling on the Island of Maui in Hawaii… Chef Hiram teaches us his secrets to making Linguine from Scratch with Wild Boar Carbonara. This recipe includes how to confit wild boar, how to make linguine from scratch, and how to tie everything together in an AH-MAZING wild boar carbonara! Seriously, it’ll knock your socks off!


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Chef Hiram Peri
Private Chef
Maui, HI

It started with a childhood love for eating delicious food and grew into a passion for growing, cooking and sharing food with others.  Being a personal chef and starting Honu Cuisine allows me to share a one of a kind culinary experience with each of my guests.  Transforming my love for food, into a memorable dining experience.

After 14 years working in professional kitchens, I set out to live a more sustainable life.  Apprenticing on a small organic vegetable farm, I connected with the roots of our food and rekindled my love for cooking and sharing food with others.  Shortly after, following the girl of my dreams, I moved to Maui and began putting my new knowledge to use.  I started a garden, connected with local farmers and created my new self as a personal chef.  One who serves organic locally sourced ingredients that are produced and gathered with high integrity and consciousness.  Because I believe eating this way is good for our health and our planet. 

Now, in my 10th year as a personal chef and Maui resident, I am married to the girl of my dreams and we have an almost 2 year old girl.  With our recently purchased land the dream of living a sustainable life through food continues. Our intention is to create a small family farm where we can grow and share food with all who visit…

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