Pork Crepinettes with Marc-Henri

Marc-Henri is the master of French Cooking and has shared with us his amazing recipe for Pork Sausage Crepinettes. If you don't know what crepinettes are, they're kinda like sausage burgers wrapped in caul fat. Super tasty and moist! 

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Marc-Henri is the owner of Maison Porcella, Artisinal Charcuterie. He has a passion for charcuterie and has studied under culinary legends such as Daniel Boulud and Alain Ducasse. Born in New York City, he has traveled and worked throughout Europe to study the techniques and approaches to charcuterie of different countries. He met his wife, Maud, in France and together they created Maison Porcella as a place to showcase his charcuterie products. After selling online for several years, they recently opened a storefront and bistro in Windsor, CA. Sonoma Magazine ranked his Croque Monsieur the best in Sonoma County! If you're ever in the area, be sure to have a taste for yourself! 

Maison Porcella