YIELDS: 2 Servings PREP TIME: 5 mins COOK TIME: 0 mins  TOTAL TIME: 5 mins

The Perfect Mai Tai! This fruity, refreshing concoction just screams summertime! Chef Thom walks us through his version using the perfect ratio of rum to fruit juices. Prepare to be whisked away to the beaches of Hawaii. Grass skirt optional!


White rum
Dark rum
Almond liqueur
Margarita mix
Pineapple juice
Orange juice
Cherry, pineapple wedge, and orange wedge for garnish

2 lowball glasses
Cocktail shaker or large glass


  1. Fill each glass to the top with ice.
  2. Add enough white rum to fill the bottom quarter of each glass.
  3. Add just a splash of almond liqueur.
  4. Add margarita mix to about 2/3 the way up each glass.
  5. Add the pineapple juice, leaving a bit of room at the top.
  6. Add a splash of orange juice.
  7. Using a cocktail shaker or large glass, gently pour the mixture back and forth to mix the ingredients. (Do one glass at a time and pour slowly back and forth to avoid spilling.)
  8. Return contents to the original glass
  9. Slowly pour a bit of dark rum on top of each drink to create the classic Mai Tai look.
  10. Add the cherry, pineapple, orange garnish.
  11. Based on personal preference, you may want to give it a stir/mix before drinking.
  12. Aloha! (Please remember to drink and enjoy responsibly.)