YIELDS:   8 Servings PREP TIME: 30 mins COOK TIME: 10 mins TOTAL TIME: 40 mins

This stunning Seared Carpaccio is a wonderful way to serve your fresh catch! Thinly sliced fish infused with ginger, lemon, and soy and seared, right before serving, with hot sesame oil. This dish is sure to impress! 



Thai snapper (or the freshest snapper you can find) 
1” piece of ginger, peeled and minced 
1 green onion, thinly sliced 
2 tbsp sesame oil 
Juice of ½ a lemon 
Soy sauce 
Shredded daikon radish 

Cutting board
Chef's knife 
Boning knife
Small saucepan


  1. Begin by slicing the snapper very thinly on an angle. Arrange on a serving platter. 
  2. Sprinkle the snapper with the minced ginger and thinly sliced green onion. 
  3. In a small saucepan, heat the sesame oil until almost smoking. 
  4. Very carefully spoon the hot oil over the sliced snapper to sear it.
  5. Finish with a squeeze of fresh lemon, a drizzle of soy sauce, and a handful of shredded daikon radish in the center.