YIELDS: 6 Servings PREP TIME: 15 mins COOK TIME: 2 hrs TOTAL TIME: 2 hrs 15 mins

If you have never had collard greens or you love them, this recipe is for you! Perfectly cooked with tons of flavor in every bite.


6 small bunches of collard greens
1 large smoked ham hock
2 cups Canadian bacon - chopped
2 tbsp butter
1 large onion - chopped
Red pepper flakes
Tabasco sauce
32 oz chicken stock

Cutting board 
Large pot


  1. Clean collard greens and cut into small pieces. 
  2. Heat a large pot over medium heat. Add the butter along with your diced onions. Cook until the onions have softened. 
  3. Add the garlic, bacon, ham hock, and let cook for about 10 minutes. 
  4. Add the chicken stock. (If you feel like it needs more liquid, you can more chicken stock or even a splash of beer.)
  5. Let this simmer for 45 minutes to an hour until the ham hock starts falling apart. 
  6. Season with red pepper flakes and Tabasco to your liking. 
  7. Add your greens and toss. 
  8. Cook on the stovetop uncovered for an hour. 
  9. Preheat oven to 350°F. 
  10. Put a lid on your pot and place in the preheated oven for an hour. 
  11. Pull out of the oven and taste. If your greens are still crunchy leave on the stove top on low heat uncovered until tender. (Most of the liquid should be evaporated.)