Host  –  Jason Glover

Jason Glover is the original Dad That Cooks and owns and operates Splash Digital Media. As a Dad and the primary cook for his family, he conceived DTC through his experiences and by talking with other Dads. When fellow Dads shared with Jason they’d love to learn from his own first-hand kitchen experiences, the idea for DTC was born. As the idea continued to keep him up at night he thought, why not leverage his film and video production and comedy background with his love of cooking for his family to become the host of DTC. Ryan Seacrest move over – introducing Jason Glover as the host of Dads That Cook. Mr. Glover has worked in the entertainment industry for more than two decades, and brings more than 10 years of film and video production experience to the Company. In tandem with his responsibilities at Splash Digital Media, Mr. Glover is a Marketing Consultant at Iron Mountain Films, He began his career as the Director of Business Development for the Business-to-Business e-Markets at Entrust Technologies.


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