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You’ll Find Men Cooking More than Turkeys this Thanksgiving

Men cooking the Thanksgiving turkey is nothing new. If you’re a Dad that enjoys cooking, you don’t have to stop there, though. The holiday is right around the corner and with a variety of classic and contemporary recipes to attempt, you’ll be able to try out your cooking skills with family and friends.

What are men cooking this holiday season?

Don’t be nervous Dad; you’ll have plenty of options to choose from when cooking your Thanksgiving feast this year. With an endless supply of recipes for scrumptious sides and delectable desserts to choose from, you’ll have plenty of variety. And if you thought there was only one way to cook a bird, forget it! There are many ways to roast (or fry!) the perfect turkey so whether you stuff or season, baste or brine, fry or smoke; your turkey will be sure to impress everyone.

Does dad’s cooking measure up?

More and more dads are cooking for their families these days and, although it might be customary to see mom in her apron on turkey day, you’ve taken over the role of home cook extraordinaire. Whether you’re a novice or expert in the kitchen, Thanksgiving is a great time for you to try some beloved recipes with family and friends. Besides, you’ll be surprised at the exciting new twists that you’ll be able to add to a family favorite recipe. This Thanksgiving, give your family and friends something to be thankful for with your creative cookery.

Holiday feasts are a challenge for men cooking, but fear not!

If you’re cooking a Thanksgiving feast this year, you know how difficult the task can be. The planning, preparation and execution of Thanksgiving dinner is quite a process. From the grocery shopping to (what seems like endless) prep work, timing all the sides to ensure everything is at the perfect temp and, last but not least, roasting the turkey to perfection, Thanksgiving is a lot of work. It takes practice, patience and preparedness to execute the perfect turkey day dinner but, with a little work in advance, your family will be thankful for your culinary skills.

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