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Wagyu vs. Kobe Steak… What’s the real deal?

Hey Peeps – I wanted to follow up about the post I did about Wagyu on FaceBook (see post here)… loved all the comments. Keep ‘em coming.

Some of you questioned whether or not I bought real Wagyu and mentioned that it’s only from Japan.

You prompted me to do some research today and talk to the butcher where I got the meat…

What I learned from him was…

Wagyu (which actually means Japanese cow in Japanese) is a breed of beef cattle and there are actually four breeds of wagyu. Japanese Black is one of the four breeds, and makes up 90% of all fattened cattle in Japan. Kobe just refers to a specific area in Japan and Kobe Beef is trademarked and only sold from Japan.” But, the Australian Wagyu Association is the largest breed association outside Japan. And, the meat I bought is from First Light, a farm in New Zealand. They state on their web site, “A Japanese family brought the breed to New Zealand in 1994.”

The butcher also said that not all Wagyu is created equal and he taste tested a bunch – especially the grass-fed type. He finally settled on First Light cause it was so damn good.

I did love the Grade 5 A+++ prime rib from Japan that my buddy Chef Jim Modesitt of Big Jims BBQ made for me on Dads That Cook – and of course I would buy it in a heartbeat. But if I’m at my local grocer and I see the First Light grass-fed wagyu, I would grab it.

Kobe Wagyu from Japan. Best prime rib ever!

Again, we are talking about the top of the line prime rib that sells for anywhere between $35 – $110 per lb… Depends on if you get your cut from a Japanese supplier selling Kobe Beef or not! However, you can find Japanese Kobe Wagyu Prime Rib at Costco now for about $109 per pound!

Prime Rib is the whole boneless rib (like the one shown with me and Jim), but  it’s not a Ribeye. Not until you cut a slice off the entire Prime Rib before it’s cooked! Watch the recipe with Big Jim CLICK HERE!

No matter what… it’s the best slice of meat you will ever taste!

Good stuff, Mango.