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Take The Easy Way Out When Cooking For The Family

Take The Easy Way Out When Cooking For The Family

We all know that cooking for the family isn’t always easy. We’d love to have five hours of prep time to get in those tasty fruits and vegetables, but there are always going to be those days when time is not on your side. It’s easy to just give in and grab a cardboard pizza or order take out, but the quality of the food isn’t up to our standards and it can be way more expensive to eat out.

Instead, try these quick takes on some family favorites that give us the quality we want without the cost and the time.

Kinda Homemade Pizza

Do you know what the hardest part of making a homemade pizza is? The dough. Rolling out the dough and making it that perfect pizza shape is time consuming, but there are companies that have created premade dough that we can use. We can still get the cheese and fresh vegetables for the toppings, but don’t have to worry about the prep time for the dough. What about the sauce? The store has a million different types of sauces for you to choose from. Just put everything on the premade dough and stick it in the oven. Your family will be snacking on delicious fresh pizza in no time.

Fresh “Brewed” Iced Tea

My family loves to drink tea. There is nothing more satisfying than drinking cold ice tea on a hot summer day, but it can take forever to make. It takes time for the water to boil. It takes time for the tea to diffuse. It takes time for the tea to cool down. It’s time we just don’t have, and there’s a bunch of thirsty kids who want their tea. Fill a large bowl will water and stick in about 4-7 tea bags, depending on how much tea you want to make.

Place the bowl with the tea bags in the microwave for about 10 minutes. This heats the water fast and the tea diffuses fast. After the 10 minutes, let it sit for about five minutes and pour it into your tea jug. This tea is super concentrated and very hot. It should only take up about ½ of your tea jug. Add the sugar now, so that it all melts and mixes with the tea. Add ice cubes and stir. The ice cubes will melt, diluting the tea and it will also cool the tea down. Keep adding ice cubes until they no longer melt. If there is any space left, then fill it with water and mix. The tea is now cool and should be great with a glass filled with ice.

Short Cuts Don’t Mean Bad Cooking

We tend to beat ourselves up for taking short cuts in the kitchen. The reality is that they are unavoidable sometimes. If we had the time to make dough from scratch we would, but with life being the way it is, that rarely happens.

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