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Cook Like A Man: Plan Valentine’s Day Now

Portrait of romantic couple at Valentine's Day dinner

Unless we want to spend a few days in the doghouse, it’s about time to start planning for Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is the biggest holiday for couples and ruining it is a nightmare best not even considered. It’s still about three weeks out, but if we want this to be one for the record … Read more

Man Cooking: Valentine’s Day Desserts

Molten lava chocolate cake dessert self saucing pudding baked in

The plans are done. The kids are gone. The main course is ready to go. The only thing left is the Valentine’s Day dessert. When the man is cooking the dessert, he has to make sure it’s good. The dessert is the capper to the evening and it can’t underwhelm. It could mean the difference … Read more

What To Cook for Dinner on Valentine’s Day?

Shrimp Scampi

You may ask yourself what to cook for dinner several times a month, but it never matters more than on Valentine’s Day. It’s the most romantic day of the year and if we screw it up, we’re sitting in the doghouse at least until April. You have all the necessities such as babysitters taken care … Read more

Dad Cooks Dinner: Valentine’s Day Desserts

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

When dad cooks dinner, expectations can be mixed, but when dad cooks Valentine’s Day dinner, we better get it right. The main course is decided as well as the appetizers, but what about dessert. You can’t expect a no-bake cheesecake or some vanilla pudding to fly on Valentine’s Day. One of the simplest, yet most … Read more

What to Cook for Dinner….Oh No… It Is Valentine’s Day!

For couples, Valentine’s Day is the biggest night of the year. We’re expected to go all out on gifts and fabulous food or else we’ll feel the wrath of our significant other for the rest of the year. Don’t spend the remains of the winter in the doghouse. Decide what to cook for dinner before … Read more