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Deserving Dad Award – Alton McCrea

Hey DTC Family! Big Announcement! Dads That Cook names its first Deserving Dad Award Winner!! His name is: Alton McCrea, father of KaMya, 11, and partner to Erica Moseley. Residence: San Francisco. What makes Alton a DTC Deserving Dad?? There are a lot of Deserving Dads out there who are selfless and giving back in … Read more

We Love When Dad Cooks Thanksgiving Leftovers

Turkey Taco

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays everyone loves because of family fun, but we get tired of the leftovers. That is unless dad cooks the leftovers into some mouthwatering dishes. No one wants day five of turkey sandwiches, so spice up those holiday leftovers and make them a meal or snack to remember. They’ll love … Read more

Quick Dinner Ideas: The Emergency Thanksgiving Dish

Dog eats thanksgiving dinner

It’s Thanksgiving day; the neighbor’s dogs got into the house and devoured the extra special holiday dish you’ve spent three days making. You’ve got three hours until go time, none of the stores are open and you need quick dinner ideas that you can drop off at Grandma’s for Thanksgiving. When the going gets tough, … Read more

Easy Family Recipes: Diabetic Friendly Dish for Thanksgiving

Butternut Squash Soup

The holidays can be a tough time for people suffering from diseases such as diabetes. Those delicious meals and decadent desserts can be an irresistible temptation for those on a restricted diet. Luckily, some easy family recipes out there make tasty treats without worrying about your diabetic diet. If you know anyone with diabetes who … Read more

Cook Like A Man: Super Stuffing

Turkey Stuffing

Some foods just go together. The two are so intertwined that the idea of having one without the other just seems ludicrous and wrong. For Thanksgiving, it’s turkey and stuffing. We cook like a man, so the stuffing can’t be something out of a box. That’s not real cooking and we want our families salivating … Read more

Dad Cooks a Thanksgiving Ham

When it comes to Thanksgiving, there is one particular bird that tends to get all the press. Turkey is the food of choice for Thanksgiving, but not everyone likes the bird. When dad cooks, we make sure to have a ham option for all those turkey haters out there. Choosing a Thanksgiving Ham There are … Read more

Easy Recipes for Thanksgiving Leftover Breakfast

Omelet with meat and vegetables

The day after Thanksgiving is never easy. We’ve got pounds of leftover everything and know that we’ll be eating turkey and mashed potatoes for at least a week or two. We’re exhausted from the weeks of preparation and execution and the last thing we want to do is think about breakfast. I mean, the tryptophan … Read more

Kid Friendly Recipes for Thanksgiving Fun

Portrait of funny kids eating sweet pie on background of their p

While we run about the kitchen like chickens with our heads cut off trying to fry a turkey, get the stuffing prepared and make sure Aunt Mildred isn’t smoking in the bathroom again, it’s easy to forget what the holiday is all about…family. Kid friendly recipes are an easy way to connect with our children … Read more

Easy Family Recipes for Thanksgiving with Little Prep Time

Celebrate Thanksgiving On The Last Thursday In November With A H

I know that Thanksgiving day, and even the days leading up to it, can be hectic. There’s a ton of preparation for the family gathering. There are decorations, making sure we don’t sit your weird Uncle Mel next to odd cousin Steve, etc. As the day approaches, we need easy family recipes for side dishes … Read more

What To Cook For Dinner: Fried Turkey

Deep Fried Turkey

One of the great things about Thanksgiving holidays, besides the tryptophan coma, is that you always know what to cook for dinner. There will be some variation of turkey unless you’re a vegetarian then it’s turkey shaped tofu. One of the most popular ways for us manly men to cook turkeys is to turn off … Read more