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Dads that Cook Love Meat Juice (Aus Jus)

Small glass bowl of Au Jus sitting on stack of cheddar surrounded

We’ve all enjoyed meat juice at one time or another. We’ve taken a French bread sandwich and dipped it into that cup of thin, hot, brown liquid. That meat juice melts into your sandwich, enhancing its flavor and giving that French bread a dynamic texture. But you probably know meat juice by its culinary name … Read more

Man Cooking: Woods For Smoking Meat

hickory tree wood in water for smoke Flames Grilling On The Bbq

There’s something special about the smell of meat being smoked in your backyard. It’s the epitome of man cooking. It’s like pure testosterone. We actually grow chest hair when we smoke meat. Ok, I made the last part up. Few people realize different types of wood can create a completely different taste in the meat. … Read more

What to Cook for Dinner? How about Juicy Chicken Breasts?

Bbq Grill Chicken Quarters

Some would say creating a juicy delicious steak is the pinnacle of grilling, but chicken has been the bane of many a griller. When trying to figure out what to cook for dinner, we men may glance over chicken because of its tendency to dry up like grapes in the California sun. There’s nothing worse … Read more

Bison Lamb Meatloaf

You thought Moms meat loaf was good… I was doing a little experiment one day and decided to combine these two meats together. Wasn’t sure what was going to happen but I made it anyway! I gave some to a few friends and now they want me to make it for them all the time… … Read more