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My Daddy Cooks with Pumpkin Guts

Colorful Pumpkins.

Carving out the pumpkin for Halloween is a great time and some serious family fun, but what do you do with all those pumpkin guts, especially since the kids proudly exclaim, “my daddy cooks?” It’s a shame to throw away all that good pulp, but few people realize that it’s great for cooking. While everything … Read more

Cook Like A Man: Tasty Fall Desserts

homemade pecan pie isolated on black background

Fall is the perfect time for indulging in some great tasting desserts. Let’s skip the pumpkin because we’ll get enough of that next month. You can cook like a man and still satiate your sweet tooth with these delicious fall desserts. They’re super tasty and have no calories. Ok, that’s a total lie, but when … Read more

Dad Cooking Fall Cocktails Makes Our Day

Father Cooking With Son

Fall is all about pumpkins and apple cider. You can’t go to any store or restaurant without seeing plenty of pumpkin everything from creamers to candles. It’s enough to drive you to drink. That’s when I love sitting down with a few fall cocktails. It’s nice to sit on the porch and watch the fall … Read more