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With Men Cooking, Cut Out the Distractions

Most men have short attention spans and are easily distracted, especially by something fun and/or shiny. It’s not our fault. It’s just how we were made. This can be a problem when it comes to men cooking. One false move and instead of golden brown toast, you have a smoldering inferno and your home looks … Read moreWith Men Cooking, Cut Out the Distractions

Dads Cooking Need to Have Little Helpers

dads cooking with help of kids

Being a father means more than just being there for girl problems and going to summer baseball games. Bonding with your children in the kitchen helps to not only improve your relationship, but also create lasting memories that they will remember for a lifetime. Kids Want to Help When I’m in the kitchen making anything, … Read moreDads Cooking Need to Have Little Helpers

Dads Cooking Like MacGyver

What kid didn’t want to grow up and be like MacGyver? He was able to foil terrorists with nothing but a bottle of Preparation H and some tennis balls. He always got the girl, and even his food was amazing. He was somehow always able to make a four course meal with nothing but shoe … Read moreDads Cooking Like MacGyver

Dad’s Cooking His Signature Dish

Every chef, every cook, has a dish that they are known for. It’s the dish that everyone wants them to make because it’s their signature dish. It’s their specialty. When dad’s cooking that special dish everyone shows up to dinner with bells on. The signature dish doesn’t have to be something special. It just has … Read moreDad’s Cooking His Signature Dish