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Enjoy Being a Cooking Dad this Holiday Season

If you’re a cooking dad, you’ve probably already started thinking about your holiday menu. With the holidays right around the corner, there will be plenty of opportunities to try new and exciting recipes with your family. Whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer savory snacks, now is the time to pull out those recipe … Read more

A Cooking Dad Dream Come True: Halloween Candy Pizza

It’s that time of year again when the leaves begin to change and children’s minds return to scary stories and gorging on Halloween candy. It’s also a great time for the cooking dad to scare up some entertaining grub for the family. This recipe melds two of every dad’s favorite things: candy and pizza. The … Read more

Freshness Counts for Dads that Cook

When your kids get older, you find yourself heading out to the four corners of the earth taking them to everything from soccer practice to ballet recitals. There’s hardly time to breathe, let alone creating the healthy meals that dads that cook would like to. It’s easy to forego the fresh fruit and veggies in … Read more

Cooking For the Family: Spice Up Grilled Cheese

One of the staple foods of any dad cooking for the family is the classic grilled cheese. It’s fast, it’s easy and boy is it tasty. Odds are your mom or dad taught you the same way to cook grilled cheese as everyone else. You heat a pan on the stove or use a hot … Read more

Experimenting in the Kitchen while Cooking with Daddy

There’s this trick that authors and screenwriters use. They trick the audience into loving a character, no matter how flawed that character has been. A trick that cooking with daddy can use in their own life. Storytellers make you think someone is one-dimensional. And then, bam! They hit with you with an unsuspecting bit of … Read more

Dads Cooking Need to Have Little Helpers

dads cooking with help of kids

Being a father means more than just being there for girl problems and going to summer baseball games. Bonding with your children in the kitchen helps to not only improve your relationship, but also create lasting memories that they will remember for a lifetime. Kids Want to Help When I’m in the kitchen making anything, … Read more

Men Cooking Steak in a Pan…What!!!!!

When it comes to men cooking steak, it’s almost a sacrilege to do anything off the grill. I agree that there is little better than that smoky grilled taste of a well-cooked steak, but we can’t always do it. Maybe the grill is broken and you’ve got some rib eyes in the fridge that need … Read more

Easy Chimichurri Sauce for Dads that Cook

Homemade Green Chimichurri Sauce

Every man wants to be known as the master of meat. That is why Dads that cook love to grill. Everything about grilling meat appeals to our primal sensibilities; the sear of the slab; the smell in the air; the vindication of manliness. It’s enough to beat your chest and grunt. But it can be … Read more

Cooking Dad: Staying Away From Processed Food

Junk Food Word Cloud Concept In Red Caps

It’s easy. It’s fast. We know it’s not the best for our family, but having it every now and then shouldn’t be a big deal. A cooking dad not only has to deal with the rigors of life and job, but creating a meal that isn’t made up of food-like substances. We all know that … Read more

Everyone Loves Dads That Cook New Recipes

Dads That Cook New Recipes

How many of us out there grew up with “Meatloaf Thursdays” or “Spaghetti Fridays”? The idea that certain meals will be made on certain days isn’t a new one, but in a time of the Internet and an endless supply of recipes that don’t have to come from the Betty Crocker Cookbook. Dads that cook … Read more