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Get Your Kids to Cook Like a Dad on the Grill

Where did you learn how to grill? Was it though haphazard trial and error or did your dad teach you to cook like a man? Grilling is one of those rights of passage between a father and child that can impact their entire life. It’s generation after generation, passing down the tips and tricks for … Read more

Cook Like A Man: Plan Valentine’s Day Now

Portrait of romantic couple at Valentine's Day dinner

Unless we want to spend a few days in the doghouse, it’s about time to start planning for Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is the biggest holiday for couples and ruining it is a nightmare best not even considered. It’s still about three weeks out, but if we want this to be one for the record … Read more

Cook Like A Man: Find the Perfect Steak

Women seasoning meat on outdoor garden barbecue while man turns

When you head to the store to find a steak for grilling, they kind of all look the same. It’s easy to get confused when determining what makes one cut of beef better than another. However, this is an important skill to learn since steak is expensive and you will want the best meat at … Read more


Chicken Lettuce Wraps

PF CHANG’S CHICKEN LETTUCE WRAPS gluten free I had to share this one to all my Dads…PF Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps are “One of the easiest recipes I have ever made, and my wife asked me to make it again 2 day’s later!” I always make our food at my home Gluten Free, why? My wife … Read more

Cook Like A Man: Alternatives to Hot Cocoa Mix

Warm Hot Toddy With Lemon

Winter is in full swing and the temperatures are dipping. Hot cocoa is a traditional drink for this time of year, but it can be pretty boring. I mean, milk or water, cocoa mix, heat and serve. That sure doesn’t seem like how you cook like a man. We don’t have to just settle for … Read more

Cook Like A Man: Super Stuffing

Turkey Stuffing

Some foods just go together. The two are so intertwined that the idea of having one without the other just seems ludicrous and wrong. For Thanksgiving, it’s turkey and stuffing. We cook like a man, so the stuffing can’t be something out of a box. That’s not real cooking and we want our families salivating … Read more

Cook Like A Man: Back to School Snacks

Background texture of assorted mixed nuts including cashew, peca

When kids get back from school, they’re hungry. It’s going to be at least three hours before you can cook like a man and create the masterpiece known as dinner. Unless you want some hangry kids, you’re going to need a post-school snack. The easy way to go is some pre-packaged, processed junk food, but … Read more