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Dad Cooks with Leftover Chocolate

A favorite, homemade peanut butter chocolate balls. A

Maybe you look like Tom Cruise and was inundated with countless Valentines and boxes of chocolate or just went to the store on Feb. 15 and bought them out of every chocolate heart they had. But you’ve got a ton of leftover chocolate. Everyone loves it when dad cooks with chocolate because everyone benefits from … Read more

Dad Cooks Dinner: Valentine’s Day Desserts

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

When dad cooks dinner, expectations can be mixed, but when dad cooks Valentine’s Day dinner, we better get it right. The main course is decided as well as the appetizers, but what about dessert. You can’t expect a no-bake cheesecake or some vanilla pudding to fly on Valentine’s Day. One of the simplest, yet most … Read more