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Dads Cooking Roasted Chicken

Dads cooking around America will appreciate the humor in my failed roasted chicken attempts. My wife always made it look so easy. Seriously? How hard could this be? You coat the bird with butter and seasonings and throw it in the oven. What seemed like a simple process turned into my kryptonite. This bird would … Read more

Raghu Krishnaiah

Occupation: CFO Online University Recipe: Red Curry Chicken and Spinach This father of two is Chief Operating Officer of Western Governance University, a large national online university, but loves making time to cook for his family. Born in India and inspired by flavor, Raghu likes to follow his nose while creating in the kitchen. He began cooking … Read more

What to Cook for Dinner? How about Juicy Chicken Breasts?

Bbq Grill Chicken Quarters

Some would say creating a juicy delicious steak is the pinnacle of grilling, but chicken has been the bane of many a griller. When trying to figure out what to cook for dinner, we men may glance over chicken because of its tendency to dry up like grapes in the California sun. There’s nothing worse … Read more

Tacos!!! Pulled Roasted Chicken…Yum! Gluten Free

If you like tacos you are going to love these… This is the simplest and easiest way to make them in a pinch… And your family will think you slaved over them for hours! Cooking time approx. 30 minutes Ingredients 1 Roasted Chicken (buy a lemon herb already cooked at the store) 1 package of … Read more