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St. Patrick’s Day Supper Ideas: Corned Beef and Cabbage

Homemade Corned Beef And Cabbage

No matter where we come from, in March, we’re all Irish for one day. St. Patricks’ Day is a big holiday complete with parades and green beer flowing like water. If you’re looking for traditional Irish supper ideas, then cozy up to your favorite stock pot and cook up some corned beef and cabbage. The … Read more

Marinades, Brines and Rubs: Easy Supper Ideas For The Grill

Man At A Barbecue Grill Preparing Meat For A Garden Party

Meat is awesome. The smell and flavor of meat cooking on the grill is an intoxicating scent. We can create a ton of easy supper ideas with just a few cuts of meat, especially if you use marinades, brines and rubs. Each one provides a unique benefit to meats, but too many people have a … Read more