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S1-E4 - Pan Fried Red Snapper with Jonathan on Dads That Cook

Season 1 Episode 4 - I hit the jackpot when I met Jonathan who cooked up some incredible Pan-Fried Red Snapper plus a few great side dishes. This dish is an all-time family favorite! On this episode of dads that cook, we'll be dropping in on Johnathan Johnson, a Bay Area dad with a knack for cooking up tasty meals for his family. Today Johnathan will be cooking up fried red snapper with sweet potatoes and sauteed green beans on the side. Welcome to Dads That Cook, I'm Jason Glover. Got an awesome guest today, Johnathan Johnson's here today, he's going to help us cook some awesome food. That's right. That's right. So what's you story? Where you from? I'm originally from the Bay Area. Yeah? Grew up in Fremont, California, moved out here to the wonderful Sacramento area not too long ago. Wife, two kids, busy dude. And what is it you do, actually? Work in public safety, so-Public safety. Yes. You drive around just being safe? Yes. So, when I see something unsafe, I step in and say, "Hey, be safer." Be safer. And I show them how to be safe. And how long you've been being the safety guy? Since 2007. 2007, for quite some time now. Yes. Have you ever had some, like, real safety, wacky safety things that you've been pretty safe about? Yes. So I hear that you're a cook. You're not professionally trained. I have to clear that up, right? Absolutely not. I am a backyard, do it yourself, figure it out on your own, trial and error type of guy, so-Really? Yes. Okay, and how long you been trialing and erroring it? Since my mom told me "Get up and make it yourself." So, probably around eight or nine years old. Oh, so for a long time. Yes, a long time. I made some really gross things, but I survived. So what do you do for fun? What do you do with your family? Really into the outdoors, mountain biking, camping, that kind of things, like to take my son out for hikes, play soccer, sports, things like that. Kind of a little bit of everything, you know, I've got a little one, so he's not really into anything specifically yet, but- Nothing yet. How old? He's 19 months. 19 months. So he's already thinking about what car he wants to get, and ... Absolutely. And how'd you meet your wife? We met her in public safety. You guys were saving each other, or ? We were learning to be public safety folk, and I said, "You know what, that's someone I'd like to be safe with for the rest of my life." This house is so safe. All right, so what are you cooking today? Today, pretty simple thing I'm going to cook. Some fried snapper, some sweet potatoes, and then just some really simple, straightforward green beans, tossed in some butter and sauteed. Simple and quick, you need to come home and bang out a meal- Boom. ... real quick for the family, it's not that hard to do. Less than 30 minutes, it seems like. Yes. So we're going to get in the kitchen, and we're going to start making some ... but hey, before we go, when you get in the kitchen, there's no way that you can go and slop on yourself, so you've got to-Oh, sweet. ... you've got to put on your Dads That Cook. Look, it even has your name on it. Beautiful. Chef Johnathan. Thank you very much. You are very welcome, Johnathan. Sweet. Can't wait to try it on. I can't wait to see you in it. This guy's. So tell me about your potatoes. What are you going to do with them today, John? Pretty simple, just got a couple sweet potatoes here, strip the skin off of them, cube them up, equal size cubes, and then we're going to add a few ingredients to kind of give them a little flavor, a little spice. Okay. A little butter for kind of a savory feel. Ginger zest. Not that much ginger, but a little bit to zest. Allspice berries. Yep. Jason Glover is the original Dad That Cooks and owns and operates Splash Digital Media. As a Dad and the primary cook for his family, he conceived DTC through his experiences and by talking with other Dads. When fellow Dads shared with Jason they’d love to learn from his own first-hand kitchen experiences, the idea for DTC was born. As the idea continued to keep him up at night he thought, why not leverage his film and video production and comedy background with his love of cooking for his family to become the host of DTC. Ryan Seacrest move over – introducing Jason Glover as the host of Dads That Cook. YouTube: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:

Jonathan Johnson

Safety Specialist

This happy-go-lucky father of two loves cooking rustic meals and simple recipes. He learned to cook from his late mother. Some of his first and favorite memories include sitting on a kitchen stool watching his mother cook amazing meals while talking with his grandmother on the phone and blaring gospel music throughout the house. Jonathan works in law enforcement and treasures family time at the table as a place to talk about life and bond with his loved ones.

Q1 - What’s one tool in the kitchen you wish you had and why?

None. The less gadgets, the better.

Q2 - What’s your biggest meal disaster?

I cooked dinner for my background investigator. I burnt steaks on the grill. In the matter of seconds I thought my job prospect went from great to nil. Spoiler alert, I still got the job.

Q3 - What’s one thing you would like to learn how to make?

Authentic paella and Portuguese bread.

Q4 - If there was one dish you would teach your kid to make, what would it be?

Arroz Amarillo, fried snapper and a legit breakfast.

Q5 - What does it mean to you as a dad to cook for your family?

The ability to share recipes, learn about other cultures and make memories is priceless. Cooking does all of that in addition to sharing a meal with loved ones. It should be an integral part of family life.

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