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San Francisco Weekend Getaway Winner – Dads That Cook

[yotuwp type=”videos” id=”AxjoulD7QYY” ]Dads That Cook had a huge giveaway contest over the summer. An all expenses paid trip for three people to come to San Francisco to hang out for a long weekend and enjoy a Giants game with me.

A ton of people applied for this contest! After sifting through all of these entries and a lot of them were great, really cool dads making great food taken care of their families, however there can only be one winner!

The lucky winner was Jon Ayala from San Antonio, Texas!

Jon is a young dad, he’s got three kids, teenage twins and a new little baby. He’s keeping himself extremely busy! Jon works for a bank as an underwriter during the day at night he’s the man in the kitchen at home. He learned how to cook from his dad when he was just a kid. Doing barbecue, learning tricks in the kitchen, and taking the time to make great meals for his family while he was still growing up. Now with all that knowledge from his dad he’s expanded his pallet and is the head chef for his family and they love his food!

Jon and his family have never been to San Francisco before. So when I called him to tell him he won, he was jacked out of his mind. He couldn’t believe he won… he said “I’ve never won anything before, this is awesome”! I asked who he was going to take on the trip? He said he wanted his dad there because he was his biggest influence in the kitchen, and his cousin Rob, because they do everything together!

They hopped on the plane Friday morning to SF, got in early that afternoon checked in at their hotel at the Hyatt Regency Embarcadero and did a ton of site-seeing. They saw a bunch of stuff, Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, Pier 39, Ferry Building  on the Embarcadero, Lombard Street  and of course they hung out with me and my family at the Giants game the next day on Saturday!

AT&T Park was awesome, we ate at ton of food and had few Margaritas and maybe a couple beers, lol! By far the crab sandwiches were the best thing we had at the park, off the chain good! Jon’s dad Daniel (Green Bay Packers Fan, lol) got his favorite clam chowder in a sourdough bowl.  “They don’t make chowder like that back in San Antonio that’s for sure”. Jon and his cousin Rob tried out Boba tea for the first time, they didn’t care for it that much! LOL…at least they tried it! The garden in center field was cool… had a bunch of Gluten Free options too. The GF flatbreads were amazing, you wouldn’t even know they were Gluten Free, super tasty!I even heard they went out later after the game to Hog Island Oysters in the Ferry Building and got oysters for the first time! Best oysters ever…They loved them… He texted me a couple pics! If you never had oysters before, you need to get them at Hog Island!

My family and I had an amazing time hanging with Jon and his family at the Giants game.They are such nice people, super cool, caring and loving people and that was the best part! It’s cool how much they all love each other. Isn’t that what family is all about? LOVE and of course FOOD! LOL…

I’m stoked Jon and his family had a great time on their first trip to San Francisco. I know we had fun hanging with them! They’ll be back too… Now I need to get out to San Antonio to see how Jon cooks up some grub for his family and maybe meet a few other dads too!

I’m looking forward to doing another giveaway, and I get to meet another family that’s just as quality as Jon and his are!

So make sure to subscribe and follow Dads That Cook because who knows you could be the next winner!


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