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Quick Dinner Ideas: The Emergency Thanksgiving Dish

It’s Thanksgiving day; the neighbor’s dogs got into the house and devoured the extra special holiday dish you’ve spent three days making. You’ve got three hours until go time, none of the stores are open and you need quick dinner ideas that you can drop off at Grandma’s for Thanksgiving. When the going gets tough, the tough improvise.

Check Your Cupboards

The cupboards are the place to go for ingredients you probably didn’t even know you had. Hidden in the back are spices that haven’t seen the light of day since the experimental cooking class in college and enough canned goods to survive a nuclear winter. This is where your miracle dish will likely find its primary ingredients. Cans of soup, vegetables, fruit and who knows what else have been forgotten in the recesses of the kitchen cupboard will come to the rescue.

Soup…Lots of Soup

You checked the cupboard and found several cans of beef and vegetable stew sitting there. They may be different brands, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Put a skillet on the stove and pour in a couple tablespoons of olive oil over medium heat. Chop up an onion and pepper, if you have them, and sauté until soft. Toss them into a crockpot along with a few cans of beef and vegetable soup and turn the heat to high. Add salt, pepper and other spices to taste. Grab it and head out the door to Grandma’s. Whew!

Don’t Be Afraid To Improvise

Do you see some powdered mashed potatoes? Cook them up. Add some garlic and cheddar cheese then, head out the door. Cupboard meals are ingenious ways to experiment with what you have. Corns, green beans, butter and a few other items become a vegetable medley. There’s 10 seconds left until the bomb goes off and you have to choose the red or the blue wire. Don’t be afraid. Whatever you make will be fine.

If you need more quick Thanksgiving dish ideas, then continue to explore dadsthatcook.com.