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Be Proud of Cooking For The Family

Be Proud of Cooking For The Family

I’ve been cooking for the family for many many years and it’s something that I love. There is something so rewarding about seeing the look on their faces as they bite into that newest dish or scrumptious dessert. Dads like us are no longer a unique breed, but now commonplace occurrence. Living in today’s world is expensive and oftentimes both parents work or maybe you’re a single father doing double duty, but dads like us are spending more and more time behind the stove.

Take Pride In What You Do

Cooking is an art and one that is often learned over time. We start out barely able to boil water and a few years later, we’re cooking multicourse meals complete with homemade dessert. There was a time when men were ashamed of having to cook because they thought it was women’s work, but those times have changed. We can feel proud of our accomplishments and achievements. Cooking isn’t just for one gender or the other, it’s a craft that people of all walks of life from the minimum wage worker to the millionaires on Wall Street can appreciate.

Make It Your Own

When you look at celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsey, Wolfgang Puck and Emeril, you can tell that there is something special about them. It’s this special something that separates them from the other chefs of the world. While they have dishes that everyone loves, they also aren’t afraid to go to the creative side and create something that is just their own. It’s this love of cooking and creativity that makes them superstars. They don’t just rely on what they’ve learned in culinary school or in books and neither do we. Dads that cook shouldn’t be afraid to take that extra step and make dishes that are truly our own.

Learn and Enjoy

Cooking isn’t just something that we do, it’s something that we love. We love the way certain flavors comingle to create something that is totally different from each other. For many of us, it’s trial and error. We see something on television or in a book that we have never seen before and decide to try it out. We taste it and think that this would go great with this other dish we make and pretty soon you’ve created something new and fresh.

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