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My Grill Needed a Rub-Down


Most of us hate to do a DEEP CLEAN of our grill. Usually, it’s just “HEAT THE SUCKER UP” and let all the grime burn off then scrap the heck out of it! That does work and is the norm…

However, gunk still builds up and you need to get your DEEP CLEAN on!
I’m sure you have at one point or another waited way too long to clean it and your grill went up in flames and you couldn’t stop it from burning even if you turned the gas off (assuming you use a gas grill!). Grease builds up, then poof, there goes your Tri-Tip and possibly you burn your house down too… LOL (obviously not funny if this really happened)!

I did see a tool online that looked like it would be cool to use called the RoboGrill. If you are super lazy this might be a good option. However, the reviews on this $129 thing don’t look so good! And it won’t get that deep clean that you need to do every so often!

When it comes to cleaning my Weber, my best friend is my DeWalt Drill!
YUP… I use my drill! I buy a couple of inexpensive wire brush heads for it. Then I go to town on my grill, getting into all the groves. Trust me.. nobody wants to eat off a dirty grill! It takes a little bit of time, but it’s way easier than trying to scour the beast with your elbow grease! Your grill will look like “almost new,” I say “almost” because hopefully you use your grill a lot like I do. You just can’t get all that grime but at least most of it!

If you haven’t tried using your drill to clean your grill (hey that rhymes, lol) you need to get on it!
Important TIP: One thing I did (in this video) was take all my grill parts out and cleaned them on a tarp… Don’t do this, it’s a waste of time and messy! Just start cleaning it with the drill and flip the grill and work your way down. As it gets clean then remove the parts to get to the next level. Let the grime catcher at the bottom do all the work, so all you are doing is dumping that crap into the garbage!

End: Shine it up with some Stainless Steel Cleaner! BAMMMM You’re ready for a Party!