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My Daddy Cooks with Pumpkin Guts

My Daddy Cooks with Pumpkin Guts

Carving out the pumpkin for Halloween is a great time and some serious family fun, but what do you do with all those pumpkin guts, especially since the kids proudly exclaim, “my daddy cooks?” It’s a shame to throw away all that good pulp, but few people realize that it’s great for cooking. While everything under the sun is pumpkin flavored this month, we can create something genuinely pumpkinized with all those guts.

Easy Pumpkin Broth

Remove the guts from your pumpkin and take out all the seeds. Get a stock pot and put a couple tablespoons of olive oil in it and let it heat for a few minutes over medium heat. Place the guts in the pot and stir.

Now’s the fun part. Cut up your onions, garlic, carrots, squash, etc. and throw them into the pot. Add some salt and pepper to taste. Stir it all around until it’s good and mixed. Add 8 cups of water and bring the mixture to a boil. Let it simmer for about an hour to get the flavor out of the pulp and veggies infused. Strain the pot into a bowl and you’ve got a great stock you can use for chicken, vegetable and other soups. You can even freeze it and use it later.

Pumpkin Butter

There’s something about a good butter spread, whether it’s apple or even pumpkin, which livens up any piece of bread or muffin. The guts are perfect for relaying that pumpkin flavor to a spread.

Puree about four cups of pumpkin guts and toss it into a large sauce pan. Add a cup of apple juice, 2 teaspoons of ground ginger, ½ teaspoon of cloves, two cups of sugar, two teaspoons of ground cinnamon and a teaspoon of nutmeg. Stir and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer about half an hour until it thickens. Transfer to a mason jar or other lidded bowl and chill until ready to eat.

Pumpkin Overload

One thing you should be careful of is pumpkin overload. Fall has a glutton of pumpkin items, so if your pumpkin food can be frozen make sure to keep some for later in the year when there’s nothing pumpkin flavored around.

For more great recipes with pumpkins, continue to explore dadsthatcook.com.