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My Daddy Cooks: Prepping Cookies and Milk For Santa

My Daddy Cooks: Prepping Cookies and Milk For Santa

Christmas Eve is full of anticipation for children as they anxiously await the unveiling of not only their presents currently under the tree, but also the ones Santa brings while they sleep. It’s traditional to leave a little gift of cookies and milk for Santa, I mean, he does go all around the world in one night, he’s got to be hungry. Make sure your child can tell his or her friends, “My daddy cooks cookies for Santa.”

Milk and cookie prep is an integral part of the Christmas process. While it’s nothing to stress over, it can be a fun thing to do with the kids.

The Milk for Santa Can be a Tough Choice

Milk…it sounds simple doesn’t it. The thing is there are so many different kinds of milk out there from whole and 2 percent to soy and almond and chocolate and strawberry. What kind do you get for Santa? It’s best to sit down with your kids and let them decide what’s best. They’re the ones that know him better than anyone.

Santa is immortal and a jolly old elf, so he’s probably not too concerned about his weight. Whole milk is perfect if you’re going for pure taste. He’s really old though and being overweight for centuries has to take a toll on the bones. A lower fat content like skim or 2% might be the way to go. What do the kids think?

For a Santa that might be lactose intolerant, almond or soy milk is best. It’s possible after centuries of drinking milk, he’s gotten a little sensitive to it.

The Cookies Get Tougher

This is the crucial decision. You can always go store bought, but it’s much more fun to bake them at home because the kids can help out. It could quickly become a family tradition to try out different cookies each year and bake them together. There are so many cookies to choose from that it won’t be hard to come up with new ones.

Everyone loves the old standby of chocolate chip or sugar cookies, but there’s also peanut butter, gingerbread and a variety of unique hybrids and new recipes which pop up every year. The important part isn’t so much what cookie you choose, but baking them together.

The Presentation – It’s Got to be Pretty

If being a chef has taught me anything, then it’s that presentation is just as important as taste. If you have any holiday plates or glasses, then they need to be used. Don’t overcrowd the plate with cookies, 3 or 4 are perfectly fine arranged on the plate. Too many and Santa will get a stomach ache. They should be placed near the tree, so not too close to the fireplace. You don’t want him knocking it over when he comes down the chimney.

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