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Marinades, Brines and Rubs: Easy Supper Ideas For The Grill

Meat is awesome. The smell and flavor of meat cooking on the grill is an intoxicating scent. We can create a ton of easy supper ideas with just a few cuts of meat, especially if you use marinades, brines and rubs. Each one provides a unique benefit to meats, but too many people have a tendency to lump all three together into a single category. While each one does provide flavor enhancement, they can actually impact the texture of the meat as well. Dads like us need to prepare the right meat with the right technique.

Tenderize your Meats with Marinades

Marinating meat is the most common technique used. You can find a variety of marinades at the store or make your own with some of the endless recipes available. The meat needs to be soaked in the marinade for several hours or even overnight for best results. While it does make the meat tasty, it can also tenderize tougher cuts of meat.

Along with some sweeter flavors to help with caramelization, marinades also contain acids such as lemon juice, vinegar, etc. These help break down the meat and tenderize it, so we’re not ripping at it with our bare teeth trying to get a morsel of meat.

Retain Moisture with Brines

When most people think of brine, they see pickled pigs feet and kosher dills; but brine, at its most basic, is simply a salt solution. You mix in some herbs and spices and let the meat sit and soak up all the salt, and lean meats like pork and turkey will retain their moisture when grilled.


The meat should soak in the solution, but not float. Stick it in the fridge and let nature work its juicy magic. Before grilling the meat, wash it off to remove the excess salt from the surface. The last thing we want is a juicy pork chop that’s too salty to eat.

Add Flavor with Rubs

When we see shows on television where teams barbecue brisket and other meats, odds are they’re using a rub. These teams put on the rub with utmost reverence because they know it makes a big difference in flavor. A rub is simply herbs and spices that are rubbed and massaged into the meats. It provides added flavor and cooks great. It’s perfect for that spicy Cajun flair.

There are two types of rubs: wet and dry. Dry rubs are just the raw spices, while wet rubs have oil added to help them adhere to the meat. The rub should stay on the meat for a few hours to let the flavors permeate the interior.

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