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Kids Love Dads Cooking Buffalo Sauce

Kids Love Dads Cooking Buffalo Sauce

The pigskin is flying and dads across the nation are watching their teams battle head to head for that coveted Super Bowl spot. When it comes to dads cooking, there are few foods that will make their mouths water during game time like buffalo sauce.

It’s the perfect mix of sweet and spicy that makes any game…even the blowouts…a little bit better. Dishes made with buffalo sauce are a hit with parents and kids alike, and it’s very easy to make. There isn’t much involved, but the flavor combinations create a unique taste that is unmistakable.

The Sauce

There are many different recipes out there for buffalo sauce and each one is a little different. Some add different spices, some use Italian dressing and the list goes on and on. In reality, a basic buffalo sauce consists of only the main ingredients: butter, hot sauce and cayenne pepper. The basic sauce consists of ½ cup of butter, one cup of hot sauce and two tablespoons of cayenne pepper. Simply place the ingredients in a pan, stir and heat until boiling.

What you do after this all about personal taste. There is no right or wrong way to make buffalo sauce and experimenting is part of the fun.

The Meat

Everyone knows that the perfect mate to buffalo sauce is chicken. You can dip wings, nuggets, legs and any other part you want; but chicken isn’t the only meat that tastes great slathered in buffalo sauce. If you want a spicy and tangy treat, add buffalo sauce to ground beef for some of the best barbecue sandwiches or the spiciest burgers you’ll ever eat. Buffalo sauce also goes great with Italian sausage and pork chops. Buffalo sauce isn’t just for meat either—why do you think they give you the celery in restaurants? Add some buffalo sauce to salads for a southern flair or replace your ranch veggie dip with this tasty alternative.

The Spice

As I said before, the primary spicy ingredients in a standard buffalo sauce are cayenne pepper and hot sauce, but there are other ways to get that heat. If you’re looking to increase the heat, then consider adding some pureed jalapeño or habanero peppers. If you’re looking for a different kind of heat, then consider some horseradish. If you’re looking for a more mild sauce, then reduce the amount of hot sauce and replace with some tomato paste, garlic powder and paprika to give it flavor without the heat.

Dads cooking buffalo sauce are sure to be a hit. For more information about great recipes and tips, visit http://dadsthatcook.com/