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Kid Friendly Recipes: Exciting School Lunches

When it comes to school lunches, we tend to go with the old favorites — bologna or PB & J sandwiches, some chips and, if you’re lucky, then dessert. I must have eaten hundreds of bologna sandwiches for lunch and believe me, it gets old. There are plenty of kid friendly recipes out there that create tasty alternatives to the same old same old. The changes don’t have to be drastic, but enough to get the kids interested in lunch again. Try out some of these fun and flavorful alternatives.

Scrumptious Wraps

Sometimes getting rid of the bread is all you need to make something awesome. A wrap is like a burrito sandwich. You can fill it with anything from meats like turkey, chicken and even bologna to veggies like cucumbers, spinach and green peppers. People tend to consider wraps healthier than regular sandwiches and tend to fill them with healthier options. Add a little mayo, ranch or other dressing to give the wrap a little moisture and you’ve got a winning lunch on your hands. You can even put in fresh fruit like sliced apples, melons and berries.

Stupendous Soups

We live in the age of Tupperware, so we don’t have to worry about soaked brown paper bags and there are a number of cold soups such as minestrone and gazpacho. There’s nothing wrong with the flavor of a cold vegetable soup either. If your child has access to a microwave, then they could just heat it up. What makes soups great for lunchtime is no one else is likely to have it. Make sure to pack plastic utensils, napkins and some crackers if necessary. Also, season the soup well before packing it up for school.

Leftovers Can Be Rad

If a child loves the dinner you had the night before, then don’t be afraid to give them some leftovers for lunch. Pizza, meatloaf, spaghetti and everything else tastes just as good if not better the next day. Your kid is having a healthy and satisfying meal that is the envy of the sack lunch crowd. Plus, there is almost little or no prep time. Pack it up the night before, after dinner, and it’s all ready to go the next day.

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