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Holiday Traditions: Cooking for the Family

The holidays are all about the family and bringing them together even when they are far away. It doesn’t matter if you’re a dad of toddlers or a grandfather looking forward to a Christmas visit, cooking for the family over the holidays can be a Christmas tradition that lasts generations. We’re dads that like to cook and that’s never truer than over the holidays. Here are some ways to make holiday dinners a long-lasting tradition.

Holiday Food

Every year, my family made certain dishes that were just our thing. Everyone had the turkey and ham, but my dad would always make thumbprint cookies and mom would let us roll the dough for the homemade noodles. We always ended up wearing more of it than anything, but it was so much fun. Few things can bring families together like food, especially when it is dishes beloved by everyone. It could be sides, main courses or even desserts. They’re the family foods people think about when they imagine a family Christmas. They could be traditional foods of your native countries or just old favorites that your own family cooked when you were a kid.

Holiday Cheer

Too many families are silent these days. Everyone is preoccupied with televisions, phones, tablets and video games. Cooking for the holidays should be fun for everyone. Crank up the Christmas station on the radio and rock out to some Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. This is where being the dad with no rhythm really comes in handy. The kids…and mom too…laugh as everyone watches you sachet around the kitchen covered in flour. Everyone should be talking and laughing and having some good holiday cheer. Yes, the kitchen will be crowded. Yes, it’s going to be hot. Yes, you’ll love every minute of it.

Holiday Chit-Chat

After a large meal, it’s tempting to head to the couch and pass out or watch the game. We’re dads. It’s what we do. That turkey turns us into narcoleptics and everyone goes off on their own way. But small groups are the perfect place to have really wonderful heartfelt conversations. It doesn’t have to be about politics, religion or even football. The worst thing that can happen at a holiday gathering is silence. Make it a tradition to fight off the the Sandman and talk to each of your family members. Remember those that have passed and drift back to simpler times.

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