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Grilling Pork Chops with Limited Supplies in Cabo San Lucas

Grilled Pork Chops with just the Basics

Have you ever gone on a trip and stayed in a rental unit like VRBO or Airbnb? That’s the only way we go as I love to cook while on vacation. It’s so much easier!

Our latest travel to Cabo San Lucas Mexico had me looking for supplies that just didn’t exist in the unit. Although it was great to have a kitchen that I could cook in, you quickly realize the small things that you need. Like olive oil, salt, pepper, some of your more basic ingredients to make your dish taste great. I didn’t have time to go to the grocery store and buy a bunch of ingredients. Plus, I was on vacation and enjoying the beach more than I wanted to go shopping!

But, when you rent a unit you expect to have some of these basic items, right?! Especially when it comes to the barbecue. What does the barbecue need? Tongs! Tongs would be a very good thing to have when you’re barbecuing, however they didn’t have any tongs for me to use… So at that point you are forced to use what you have around you! I had a fork! So I used it. Fortunately I had a cutting board that I could put my pork chops on, otherwise using a plate works as well. You could go animal style and just eat it right off of the grill by hand!

What I’m getting at is it’s not always going to be perfect no matter where you travel too. You will face this at home as well. You’re not gonna have everything that you need to cook with. You’re not gonna have tongs, you’re not gonna have pepper, you’re not gonna have cinnamon, you’re not gonna have olive oil, or a bunch of other things that you likely have at home. You just make do with what is in front of you. Or you go to the store and stock up… That’s up to you!

Maybe that’s part of the fun while traveling. It’s trying to be as creative as possible with the limited amount of supplies that you have! Can you still make it taste good?… Of course!

On this trip to Cabo I got lucky because I had incredible meat from Flora Farms that was 100% organic, the pork chops were amazing. It started with the meat so everything else didn’t really matter so much.  If you are going to buy anything make sure the stuff you put on the grill is top notch or don’t grill it! Even though I didn’t have all the ingredients on hand that I normally use, the meal turned out awesome.  My family loved them!

Anyway, while you’re on vacation or on a trip and you rent a condo or apartment, keep in mind you may not have all the supplies that you would at home. Although it’s easy to get in a huff about it, just chill and make things work! Maybe a Margarita or 2 might help your pain along the way as well… LOL!

At the end of the day, just have fun doing it! You are on Vacation after all…



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