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Get Your Kids to Cook Like a Dad on the Grill

Where did you learn how to grill? Was it though haphazard trial and error or did your dad teach you to cook like a man? Grilling is one of those rights of passage between a father and child that can impact their entire life. It’s generation after generation, passing down the tips and tricks for creating the perfect brisket or delicious hamburger. When it’s time for our children to take up the spatula and grill tongs, grab your apron and suit up because Iron Man has nothing on us.

Tip #1: Safety First

  • Our children are precious, but they’re also prone to accidents and impulsive behavior. A grill is a red-hot bowl of third degree burns if we’re not careful. Show them how to light and start the grill several times before letting them try it on their own or, for younger kids, don’t even make it an option.
  • Make sure the child is tall enough to easily reach the meat with the spatula and tongs, so they don’t get burned reaching over the grill.
  • Lastly, never leave them unattended at the grill. You may think 30 seconds to go inside and grab seasoning isn’t anything, but a lot can happen in that time.

Tip #2: What to Cook?

As this is primarily training, I would suggest lean meat like pork or beef. Chicken can dry quickly, but hamburger and pork are a bit easier. First, show them how to do it a few times and then let them try it out. Odds are they’ll make a few mistakes, but it’s no big deal. The important thing is we’re having a special time with them. After a few tries, they’ll be flipping burgers like experts.

Tip #3: Offer Sage Advice

The goal is twofold. We’re teaching them important life lessons and bonding with them. It’s time to get your inner guru on and offer up some sage advice, anecdotes and jokes. We’re not just cooking; we’re making memories too. It’s one of the few times we can just talk with them and let them know about our own past.

If you need a little help with that sage advice, then explore dads that cook.com because we have tons of advice from dads on everything from grilling to breakfast.