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Fun And Unique Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

What would Easter be without brightly colored eggs? Every kid wakes up hoping to see a candy filled Easter basket and spend the morning searching for eggs. You can be the ultimate Easter Dad if you decorate Easter eggs in fun ways that most people have never tried. It can be a family affair with mom and the kids preparing eggs for the big holiday.

Chalkboard Eggs

Everyone knows how to paint and dye eggs from a package, but you can create a black and white art piece. Instead of dipping the eggs in dye, dip them in blackboard paint and let the dry. Give some to each of the kids and let them draw on it with chalk. Make it even more artful by using multiple colors of chalk. (For a lasting effect, use chalkboard markers.) The blackboard paint lets us create more intricate designs and if we mess up, then just erase it and start again.

Tattoo Eggs

Kids love those tattoos and you can purchase tattoos from the Avengers to My Little Pony. Don’t worry, no needles needed, but a little water can go a long way. We can get a bunch of different tattoos for a very small amount of money and then let the kids pick which ones they want. Adhere the tattoo to the egg in the same way we do skin. You’ll get great looking Easter eggs customized for the interests of each child.

String Eggs

This my favorite way of decorating an egg because you never really know what you’re going to get. Prepare an egg dyeing solution, but before we put in the egg, we wrap it with some string in a pattern that we like. Place it in the dye and when we’re done soaking, unwrap the string. The dye should have covered all of the egg except where the string was. The intricate pattern you created should stand out in white compared to the color of the dye. Sometimes the string moves a little and the design is completely different than we expected.

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