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Freshness Counts for Dads that Cook

When your kids get older, you find yourself heading out to the four corners of the earth taking them to everything from soccer practice to ballet recitals. There’s hardly time to breathe, let alone creating the healthy meals that dads that cook would like to.

It’s easy to forego the fresh fruit and veggies in favor of canned pasta or microwave meals, but processed foods aren’t going to have the vitamins and minerals that the fresh food does. In fact, processed foods, while usually inexpensive and quick to eat, are filled with preservatives and other chemicals that you don’t want to eat if you can help it.

Prepare Ahead of Time

The primary reason why people choose fast food and processed food is the time it takes to cook and prepare food at home. A meal consisting of an entrée and a few sides can take a long time to make, but there are ways that you can find the time and cut some corners. One of the best ways is to prepare the food ahead of time and then freeze it. Many sides and entrees and can be frozen or simply placed in the refrigerator overnight.

Make the food on Saturday or Sunday when you have the time and then save it for eating during the week. By freezing and refrigerating sauces and soups, you can actually improve their flavors.

Fresh Is Always Best

It may be a pain in the butt, but using fresh food is what’s best for your family. You have to chop everything up and prepare it, but is there anything better than the crunch of fresh lettuce or juiciness of a pear that hasn’t sat in a can covered in sugar water? Fruits and vegetables don’t have to be eaten right away and they can stay fresh for several days. Stock up on the weekend and make a meal plan on how you want to use everything for the coming week.

Problems of Processed Foods

People like processed foods because they’re tasty, fast and inexpensive. Much of that tastiness comes from a ton of corn syrup or other sweeteners that ramp up the calories. Something that may seem healthy on the outside can actually be filled with calories because of all the sweeteners added. Processed food may look bright and vibrant as well, but that’s because of artificial colors added to create that effect. Perhaps the biggest concern for processed foods comes from preservatives. There is a reason why a Twinkie can sit on the shelf for 7,000 years and still taste as fresh as the day it was made.