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Everyone Loves Dads That Cook New Recipes

Everyone Loves Dads That Cook New Recipes

How many of us out there grew up with “Meatloaf Thursdays” or “Spaghetti Fridays”? The idea that certain meals will be made on certain days isn’t a new one, but in a time of the Internet and an endless supply of recipes that don’t have to come from the Betty Crocker Cookbook. Dads that cook recipes that are outside the box every now and then are everyone’s favorite.

Keep Meatloaf Monday

If you’re a big fan or tradition and want to keep that schedule of meals, then there’s no reason you can’t, but spice it up a bit. Instead of the same old meatloaf, surf the net and find some new meatloaf recipes. Here’s an idea, mix a little pork with the beef. Add bacon and cheese for a cheeseburger meatloaf. If you have spaghetti every Tuesday, then add a little chili instead of spaghetti sauce. There are so many innovations to everyone’s favorite dishes that you can have a completely new type of meatloaf every week. There’s something to be said for tradition, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a stick in the mud.

Go Crazy on the Sides

Main courses can stay the same if you want, but why not go a little crazy on the side dishes? You don’t have to have straight mashed potatoes or green beans. Variety is the spice of life, so start living it up. Mashed potatoes are a staple, but garlic, bacon and cheese can liven them up. Maybe make them from scratch rather than from a powder. Check out a few new types of gravies to turn bland into something special. Everyone needs veggies, but don’t just steam them and put them out to eat. There’s a reason why kids don’t eat veggies. Do something special with them and they’ll be asking for seconds.

Totally New and Awesome

The worry about creating a totally new recipe is there is a possible chance of failure. That chicken cordon bleu may look easy, but actually making it could be difficult. It’s good to try new things, so go ahead and make it. If no one likes it, then you know not to do it again. If they love it, then a new family classic is made.

For more information about dads that cook, visit www.dadsthatcook.com. It’s a community of dads that you can ask questions, learn from and even be a mentor for. Every dad begins their cooking journey somewhere, so make your first stop dadsthatcook.com.