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Everyone Laughs When It’s Dad Cooking

Everyone Laughs When It’s Dad Cooking

Some of the best dishes I ever created weren’t the tastiest. In fact, some of the foulest smelling experiments in culinary arts provide the fondest memories. Cooking is just as much about experimenting with the norm as feeding the family, and it doesn’t always come out as planned. The important part is that everyone has a good time.

Experimentation Can Be Fun

We see movies where the fish-out-of-water dad ends up burning the meal, sending a torrent of smoke into the home or we snicker as the wife and kids politely chew on food that is barely edible. The fact is most dads don’t know how to cook, but are more than willing to make a valiant effort when needed. Maybe mom’s out with the girls and you need to whip up something for lunch? Cooking with dad can be an adventure as everyone works together to create something mom would have never thought of in a thousand years. Yes, there may be some eggshells in the chocolate-caramel-fudge brownie cake, but you’ll hardly be able to taste them.

Don’t Take It Too Seriously

One thing that I’ve seen is that dads can take this cooking thing too seriously, especially when they screw up. It’s not the end of the world. Instead of getting mad, laugh at yourself…odds are the kids already are. Keep the fire extinguisher on hand and  911 on speed dial, but when things start to go south or your oatmeal meatloaf becomes so hard even the birds are scared of it, laugh it off. Cooking should be fun, especially if you have the kids involved. In 20 years, they’re not going to remember mom’s boring meatloaf, but you can guarantee that they’ll remember the oatloaf meteorite of 2013.

Bring the Laughter to the Dinner Table

Mom may want some measure of decorum when it comes to the dinner table, but all bets are off when dad cooks. There is a reason why Bill Cosby’s take on fatherly breakfast has become a comedy classic and one that many dads can recite by heart…”Dad is great. Eatin’ some chocolate cake.” Dad may not cook every day or even if he does why not crack jokes and have fun at the dinner table too. For more information about what really happens when it’s dad cooking, visit www.dadsthatcook.com.