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Easy Recipes For Man-Sized Summer Drinks

Summer is the ideal party time and everyone likes coming over for some grilled steaks and some cold drinks. While many people are happy with a bottle of cold beer, there are others that like something a little different. It’s always a good idea to have a few easy recipes for cold summer drinks to break out when the need arises. Since these are man-sized, no little umbrellas needed.

The Black and Tan

Sometimes a little twist on a cold beer is all you need. This is a great option if you’re busy and don’t have time to make something a little more elaborate. A Black and Tan is the mixing of a pale beer (the tan) and a darker beer (the black). You can use any combination you want, but generally the tan is a pale ale or lager and the black is a stout or porter. Traditionally, the stout used is Guinness and it is layered with the other beer so it looks like half the glass is black and the other half is tan. Fill half the glass with the lighter colored beer, then slowly pour the stout into the glass over an upside-down spoon. It helps with splashing and keeps the layers from mixing.

The Man-Garita

Summer isn’t complete without margaritas…or should I say Man-garitas. Take a chilled beer mug and dip it into salt or sugar until the rim is covered. Fill the glass with a Mexican beer like Corona or Dos Equis, but leave a little room at the top. Put in a splash of lime, hot sauce and tequila until it’s to your liking. Drink it down and enjoy. It’s always nice to have a male-oriented counterpart to girly drinks.

The Manhattan

There are some manly drinks that never go out of style. In a time where Mad Men is showing the world there are beverages outside of beer, The Manhattan stands alone as the king of all manly drinks thanks to the likes of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. The Manhattan was The Rat Pack’s drink of choice and is still pure testosterone in a glass. It’s simple, straight forward and to the point…just like us. Mix a couple ounces of whiskey with an ounce of vermouth, and you’re one step closer to the kings.

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