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Easy Meals For Kids: Memorial Day Inside Out Burgers

Summer is finally here and everyone loves to grill. Every holiday becomes a grilling holiday and when it comes to Memorial Day, easy meals for kids doesn’t get any better than the inside out burger. It’s fun because the kids can help make their own burger with their own special blend of cheeses. It’s going to be a hit and we get to spend quality time with the kids…and meat. Lots of meat.

Simple Yet Tasty

The inside out burger is actually rather simple that makes it perfect for the kids. With a regular cheese burger, we place the cheese on top of the preformed burger. How boring is that? The cheese just lies there like a lump of…well…cheese. We turn it on its head by taking a brick of cheese or several smaller chunks of cheese and forming the patty around it. What you end up with is a molten mass of cheese, which melts completely and oozes out of the burger, when you bite into the burger.

It’s All About the Cheese

Now, we’re not going to want to stick a giant brick of American cheese in the meat. Instead, pick some of the harder cheese like Gouda or Asiago. Harder cheeses make it easier to shape the burger around the cheese and not worry about the burger breaking. If we’re really adventurous, then take several small chunks of cheese and let the kids pick which ones they want in the burger. It gets them involved in the decision making and we might be surprised at the awesome choices they make.

Make the Burgers

Once the cheese has been chosen, have the kids grab their own meat for the patties and form it around the cheese. We’ll want to make sure they do it evenly so the cheese doesn’t end up shooting out of the bottom, or the top, in the middle of cooking. Once it’s made, put it on the grill and cook it like you would any other burger. Just keep in mind that you don’t have to worry about the middle being done, so cooking time will be shorter.

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