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Do You Cook Like A Man?

What exactly does it mean to cook like a man? If I’m standing in front of the oven with pan of sausage and bacon cooking and the smell of burning animal flesh permeating the entire home, then am I cooking like a man? What if I’m wearing a mighty lavender apron with the phrase “Kiss the cook!”? The fact is cooking is a manly activity, but it wasn’t always seen that way.

The Early Days of Men Cooking

By the mid-20th Century, the majority of cooking was done by women, at least that’s what Hollywood led you to believe. Television shows like Donna Reed and Leave It to Beaver set a pretty high standard for women in the kitchen. They were able to somehow cook 37 plates of food…to perfection…in less than 10 minutes while wearing their Sunday best. I don’t know about you, but even the greatest chefs on the planet couldn’t do that. If men did cook, then it was usually a can of beans over an open fire or in the middle of a battlefield. There was nothing manlier than throwing a potato masher while mashing potatoes. A man cooking was a big deal.

The Times They Were A Changin’

The funny thing was even during this time when cooking was “women’s work,” there was still tons of male chefs. While women were sadly relegated to the home kitchen, men were in the halls of the finest restaurants around. Thankfully, times began to change. The 1960s through the 1990s was a cultural upheaval. To cook like a man, no longer meant battlefield kitchens and wagon trains. While women were finally given the chance to shine and follow their own paths in life and their careers, men had an opportunity to cook at home. It started with men grilling in the backyard and pretty soon we were flipping pancakes and sharing the responsibilities of the house.

What Does It Mean?

With men and women equally responsible for choosing supper ideas, what does it mean to cook like a man today? Does it mean to wear camo fatigues and chew on a cigar while slinging some hash? Does it mean you drag yourself in the kitchen and pray that the toast doesn’t burn? Nah, that’s not it. If you want to cook like man, all you have to do is feel good that you’re doing your part. Parenting these days isn’t easy for anyone. It usually takes two incomes just to live a comfortable lifestyle. You know you’re cooking like a man when your significant other comes home from a double shift with a smile on his or her face.

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